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Monthly Archives: July 2018

UMIDIGI S2 Pro - 6GB/128GB Price and Specs in Nigeria

List of phones with 2GB RAM in Nigeria Price & Specs

We offer you the best phones with 2GB RAM and with information about the best Android phones with 2 gigabyte RAM below ₦40k, A prime example of this, smartphones with 2GB RAM are capable of running large applications simultaneously. As expected, popular brands such as

List of Phones with 5000mAh Battery in Nigeria

List of Phones with 5000mAh battery in Nigeria [2018]

Previously, we came up with some suggestions for smartphones with big battery life. So for those of us looking buy phone with good battery, here are the best 5000mAh battery phones available in Nigeria. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy is one of the most impressive smartphones from the Korean

Best phones in Nigeria under ₦40,000

Here are the best smartphones under ₦40,000. Well, there are a plenty of options as the budget market is filled with smartphones which offer quad-core processors, a couple of GB of RAM and HD displays. Although, all these devices look pretty much similar as well.