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360 Degree Ring Phone Holder Stand For Smartphone

Super Strong Adhesive & 360 Degree Adjustability & Universal Compatibility The dock is designed like a cone for stability, but the design also lets you rotate the unit 360 degrees. This allows you to adjust your phone into a multitude of positions. Great to use on your desk or table / at home / at office. And super strong adhesive magic durable reuse portable cellphone stands. Reliability Glue part come off after sticking / resticking (trying out new phone cases) it a few times.

Take two or more phone grip if you are someone who likes to switch cases but still enjoy the convenience of this product. Phone hoke came off without leaving any tape or sticky residue on your case. Convenient for Phone grip convenient for those who have average or smaller hands and have to struggle with ever growing phones, but seems useless for a small phone or who are not a heavy phone user.


  • Easily stick to magnetic mount. 360 degree adjustable base.
  • Can be used as phone stand to watch videos etc.
  • Powerful adhesive ring for all portable digital phone.
  • Reduces the risk of dropping & breaking your device inadvertently.
  • Makes it much more convenient to take photos with one-hand.
  • It will not be uneven when the phone is putting on the desk because of our intimate design.

No more consideration if you can not get in the habit of extending the ring to put a finger on it. Function Anti-drop & safe grip device can be used as a stand, glance at as notifications and messages come through, as opposed to just lying it flat on the desk.back or forth however, it will lost tension to stand except a perfect angel.

360 Degree Ring Phone Holder Stand For Smartphone

360 Degree Ring Phone Holder Stand For Smartphone

  • Phone Ring Stand is compatible with all smartphones and tablets that have a flat and non-textured back surface. It can be adjustable at an angle of 360 degree, any angle as you like.
  • Grip to prevent dropping device and control device while you are operating phone and taking picture. Good for watching movie and playing music.
  • The outward appearance is fine, colour many kinds. When you’re outdoors, hang your fingers and you could flip your phone to the back of my hand and pick something else up. can be used repeatedly, won the paste, dirty can be washed and then dried.
  •  Mobile phones, tablet PCs and other digital devices and similar products are available.
  • Ring 360 degrees at the rotational angle, vertical 180 °, easy operation
  • Exclusive nano stickers, environmentally friendly and practical, without leaving adhesive residue.
  •  Drop resistance, anti-theft, snatches. . .
  • Palm do drop resistance buckle, table do support frame, the car can do car bracket (delivery car hanging paste
  • portable, does not occupy space.

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