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Airtel UNLIMITED Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel UNLIMITED Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel UNLIMITED Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans are specifically designed for heavy data activities like downloading, streaming and sharing with friends and family. Experience the freedom of Unlimited Data by purchasing any of the Unlimited Data Plans and a Router or Mifi  and at any Airtel Shop.

What is not clear as at the time of writing this post is why there are three different unlimited data plans if they were truly unlimited? One point we can take from this is that Airtel unlimited data plan is capped and not truly unlimited but we are yet to know the data allowance allocated to each of the three data plans.



Airtel Unlimited Plan (N10, 000)

AIRTEL unlimited data plan comes in three packages and the least expensive among them is the N10,000 for 40G, when the 40GB finish you can still browser but the speed of your data becomes slower and slower as you get closer to or exhaust the data allowance. But considering the socio-economic situation in Nigeria, this is still quite unaffordable for an average Nigerian. How many people can afford to spend N10,000 on data every month? Quite an insignificant percentage of the total population if you ask me.

But be that as it may, it’s good news that Airtel has joined the likes of Spectranet, Ntel and Smile 4G that have unlimited data plan. Compared to other network providers, Airtel unlimited data plan is no better in term of pricing and quality.

The Airtel unlimited plan 10 costs N10,000 and the validity is 30 days.

To Subscribe dail *462*10# or Buy it on


Airtel Unlimited Plan (N15, 000)

The second internet plan is known as Airtel unlimited plan 15 because the price is N15,000 for  65GB.  What we can say about this second data plan is that its data allowance might be higher than that of the first one and it should be faster too.  As is the case with other 4G LTE Internet providers, the speed of your data becomes slower and slower as you get closer to or exhaust the data allowance, so the same thing applies here

To Subscribe dail *462*15# or Buy it on


Airtel Unlimited Data Plan (N20,000)

This is the most expensive out of the three and is expected to be the one with the most data allowance. It is known as Airtel unlimited 20 because it costs N20, 000 only with 100GB. The validity is still 30 days just like others. So let’s go straight on how to subscribe to Airtel unlimited data plans

To Subscribe dail *462*20# or Buy it on


Fair Usage Policy1 Data speed slows down on Unlimited Data Plans after threshold is reached.

Unlimited Data Offer

Visit an Airtel Shop to enjoy any of these unbeatable offers;

  • Free Mifi + Unlimited 20 Data Plan at N20,000. Data Plan is valid for 30 days

How to Renew

Recharge on using Debit Card

  • To purchase or renew your unlimited data plans, visit
  • Click on “Buy data bundle” to select your preferred “Unlimited data plan”
  • Purchase or renew your plan using your debit card,

Recharge on with Voucher or Airtime 

  • Insert your SIM number (starting with 23480xxxxxxx) and follow the instructions on the screen


1. What is the difference in the unlimited plans?

​    The 3 plans have different fair usage policies (FUP) at which the customer’s speed is throttled to 256kbps

2. What speed can the customer expect when buying the unlimited plans?

    The unlimited plans are burstable till FUP after which the speed comes to 256kbps

3. What is the FUP for all the unlimited plans?

    Unlimited 10 is 40GB, unlimited 15 is 65GB while unlimited 20 is 100GB

4. What is the validity of the unlimited plans?

    Validity is 30 days from activation

5. What do I get when I purchase the unlimited 20 plan?

    At N20,000 – free Mifi

6. How do I get the free data terminal- Mifi/Router?

    At the nearest Airtel showroom in your area or through a designated Airtel agent

7. On activation, how do I purchase a data plan?

    Simply log on to and purchase the unlimited plan of choice or the required Airtime recharge.

   Data Bundle/Airtime can be purchased from any Airtel number of choice.

8. Is it possible for me to buy an Airtel Bundle using my Debit Card?

    Purchase of Data Bundle and Airtime via debit cards is available on

5 thoughts on “Airtel UNLIMITED Data Plans and Subscription Codes”

  1. Vivian says:

    I have been debited twice at different times for data bundle on without getting value for my money, I don’t even know how to reach email address contact or customer care line).

    I had called Airtel customer care and twice they couldn’t provide contact.

    1. Wiki Tech says:

      I can only advice you to visit their physical office so that they can credit you.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Suleiman Alhaji Adamu says:

    why my sim card is not having sub

  3. ishaku yohanna says:

    l need u people should do best than etisalat. u are trying but l need more.


    Airtel ng is the best for me but I can’t afford to buy the 40G considering the economy hardship of the country.

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