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App that turns your phone into sonar detector

App that turns your phone into sonar detectorThe ‘mouthprint’ is an app that could make phones far more secure. Rather than rely on traditional voice recognition, researchers have revealed an android app that uses sonar to monitor how users are moving their mouth as they speak.

This would put an end to socalled ‘spoofing’ through replay attacks – when an identity thief edits recordings of your voice to play to these systems in order to access your data.

Biometric voice authentication is the technology that allows your voice to be recognized as a password, instead of typing in a password. However, voice biometrics is vulnerable to replay attacks – when an identity thief edits recordings of your voice to play to these systems

Various kinds of biometrics can and are used for authentication, including fingerprint, iris, facial and voice recognition systems.

Voice authentication has become a low-cost and reliable way of authenticating users, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in mobile apps – for example Google’s ‘Trusted Voice’ for Android devices.

Biometrics have gained increasing levels of attention as an alternative to typed passwords for authentication.

However, these systems are vulnerable to attacks, which are easy to commit due to the availability of low-cost, high-quality recording and playback devices.

Researchers say their sonar system called VoiceGesture can detect live users and whether or not people are misusing recordings for ‘replay attacks.’

The fact that people share so much audio and video of themselves on social media makes it even easier for identity thieves to pass voice authentication tests fraudulently.

According to New Scientist, Google is currently reviewing the technology for Android.

“We hope to hear in early February,” Jie Yang at the State University of Florida in Tallahassee told.

The team also plan to expand the antispoofing technology’s applications to voice assistants, like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The detection system requires only a speaker and a microphone that are commonly available on smartphones.

It works by using the smartphone as a Doppler radar, which transmits a high frequency sound from the built-in speaker and listens to the reflections at the microphone when a user speaks their passphrase.

When a user sets their passphrase, the VoiceGesture app emits a barely audible, high pitched 20 kilohertz acoustic signal from the phone’s loudspeaker.

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