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Binatone A-1693 16 Inches Standing Fan

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2018)
Binatone A-1693 16 Inches Standing Fan

Binatone A-1693 16 Inches Standing Fan

Experience the cooling effect of this sturdily designed and efficient Binatone Standing Fan at home or the office. It has durable blades that guarantee effective swivel and long lasting use and height adjustment for greater convenience.

This is a pretty wholesome deal this hard to find so many features in a domestic stand fan. To begin with, it has a long motor life, 28 ribs on the cage to protect you from the fan. It swivels and its height is adjustable. These were the regular feature of any stand fan, what separates this model is that it has twin blades for maximum efficiency. It is fitted with a touch panel with LED display; it runs on a silent motor. Finally, it can work on various speeds ranging from Breezy to sleep to ventilation and more!

Key Features
  • High efficiency in blades
  • Touch panel LED display in white light
  • Various operation modes: Breeze/ Natural I Sleep /Ventilation High-Middle-Low
  • Swivel and adjustable height
  • Silent operation
  • 28 rib safety grill

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