Ultimate Guide to Prepare for your IELTS exam in Nigeria

Ultimate Guide to Prepare for your IELTS exam in Nigeria

​Earlier last year, I started preparing to relocate to Canada and one of the first steps I had to take was to write the IELTS exam in Nigeria otherwise known as IELTS [International English Language Testing System]. Need to Take the IELTS Exam? Use These Resources to Help Prepare!

Without passing the IELTS exam in Nigeria, it would be truly difficult, if not impossible to complete the relocation process.

In order to get a high enough point for my Canada relocation, I needed to get a minimum of 7.0 band score for the IELTS exam in Nigeria​ which was kind of scary.

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It was scary because I have heard many stories of smart people who had to take the test 3 or more times before they could even score 7 out of 9 which is the total (I actually know a woman that wrote IELTS NINE times before she scored what she was looking for)

​It is true that one can take the IELTS exam in Nigeria as many times as possible but each test would cost N75,000 each time.

I couldn’t imagine dropping N75,000 for an exam only to check your results and discover that you didn’t even get an average score.

Another reason why I was scared ​had to do with my poor background in English.

Throughout my school days, I never for once passed English. The highest I ever had was a lucky C during my SSCE Exam

My fear of failure was so strong that I almost wanted to cancel the whole relocation plan

But after a while, ​I remembered one of my core principles – which is that no matter what I want to learn or do, there are people who have already spent much of their life mastering that thing and succeeding at it.

Preparing for your IELTS exam in Nigeria

​ All you have to do is find those people, and study them… or get coached by them.​

And that is exactly what I did

I s​tarted spending time on various websites and forums to find a proven “shortcut or formula” that someone like me could use.

​Many of the strategies I came across seemed to be too complex and required a lot of time.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks to the exam that I finally discovered a “high-score formula” from a book written by a Girl from Cambodia​

In the book, she narrated how she was able to come up with this high-score formula after writing the IELTS exam 8 times.

And also gave several feedbacks that proved that this high-score formula has already been used successfully by many people all over the world to get a high-IELTS score.

Even in places like India and China where their English isn’t so good.

So, I bought all the recommended materials about the book and tried it.

And It Worked For Me Too…

​Here is  a scanned copy of my IELTS exam in Nigeria​ result below showing a Band-score of 7.5 after I took the test for my first time

Ultimate Guide to Prepare for your IELTS exam in Nigeria

What Is Inside The 5-Part IELTS Video Training?

The Secret System To Passing Each Section of the IELTS Exam:

​Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking are the main sections of the IELTS exam in Nigeria and each section requires a system to pass it. You will learn what these systems are

A Valid Marketing Concept That Makes It Easy to Score High Grades In Your Speaking And Writing Section

Secret Resource Video Links That Helps You To Study Better & Faster While Having Peace Of Mind To Get Better IELTS Result

How to Access The Study Pack Collection Rolodex That Would Help You Prepare Better Before Your Exam

Special Bonuses:

​When you get the IELTS program today, you will also get these 2 bonuses to help you succeed.

Bonus One: Preparatory Study Materials plus Practice Pack​

​Aside from the ​main videos, you will also be getting special study preparation materials to help you get the knowledge needed.

These study materials worked for me and they will work for you too to prepare yourself your IELTS exam.

Bonus Two: Regular IELTS Updates

​​ When you get the high-score IELTS program, this also gives you the bonus benefit of receiving future updates plus recommendations that will assist you​.

This further helps to make it a complete package for you.

It measures all of the four key skills such as – Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. 

There are four sections in the IELTS exam:

Speaking: This is generally held on a separate date, face to face with an interviewer, since you mentioned that you have been conversing with your colleagues in English for a while, this shouldn’t be a problem. There is a basic format for the section which you can look up in the book you get after registration. The questions asked are personal and not technical at all, so you can have enough material to speak.

Reading: All you need to do to ace this section is practice. There are 4-5 practice tests in the textbook with 3 passages each, once you complete all of them, you will get a hang of how to look for answers in the passages. The difficulty rises with each passage but it is still not rocket science.

Writing: Again, go through the different topics given in the textbook and write. Don’t just think and move on, actually write your answers. This is a paper based examination so you will have to write down your response on paper, so you would want to practice writing long essays in time.
Try to get your responses checked by someone you feel is good at english, so that they can suggest improvements, tell you about your grammatical mistakes if any.

Listening: You do not need any english-speaking skills for this section. All you need is concentration and understanding. Once you go through the textbook, you will notice that as the audio progresses, the questions progress (the answers are revealed in the order of the questions in the paper). Example:
There are __ alphabets in the English language, the first one is __. When the audio runs, first you will hear the answer ’26’ and then ‘A’, so listen for words like ‘number of alphabets’, etc so you know the first answer is coming up and once it does, move to the next blank and repeat this process.

Relocate to Canada From Nigeria As A Permanent Resident Without An Agent

Relocate To Canada From Nigeria

A lot of Nigerians are considering jumping ship and relocate to Canada from Nigeria for a number of reasons. In case you are part of this lot, here are the things you need to do.

Canada is well known for a high standard of living, a clean environment, a low crime rate and excellent infrastructure, and scores very highly in reputation and quality of life on the GRPI.

If you are thinking of relocating to Canada from Nigeria, you need to have a plan and a Permanent Residence Visa via the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot Program.

Every year Canada accepts about 300 thousand immigrants. Just like any other first world country, the process for applying and getting a Permanent resident Visa is rigorous and can be confusing; which forces many people to choose the option of hiring agents to help them with the application process. Thinking of writing IELTS Exam click here

If you are really serious about GETTING IT RIGHT with relocating to Canada from Nigeria, you have only two options to relocate to Canada from Nigeria by applying for your permanent resident visa which is hiring an agent or do the application yourself.

Now you don’t know which option to go with, so I would compare them in a minute.

1. Agents: You would be required to pay about 1 million or 2 million upfront just to relocate to Canada from Nigeria. This is a great risk if the application fails, you may get no refund! But that’s not really the only disadvantage of choosing to use an agent; the other one is that you still do the process yourself, they only guide you step by step, assist when you are filling forms, etc.

So in the right sense, when you hire an agent, you are about to complete an application with a professional coach by your side. We all know that coaches don’t play the game for the player!

2. Do it yourself: If you don’t want to spend about 2 million naira paying any agent, then you have to do it yourself. To be honest, it can be very difficult and confusing – even for newbie agents. A lot of paperwork, documents to be prepared, etc. So this is not an option for a lazy person. All the resources you need can be found online, you need to put in a lot of hours reading and pouring through different websites.

You may mess up your first application!

Except of course you buy a professional guide, but this time not an agent. A complete ebook guide that would hold your hands from the moment of decision, through every step of the application process until you leave your house and arrive in Canada.

Lucky you! I know of one.

If you are considering immigrating to Canada, get an eBook like this one

The author explains in a very simple manner as though he was writing for a high school child with accurate step by step information on the whole process. The book is the most complete guide I have seen on the subject of immigrating to Canada.It contains secret information only very few so-called Agents would know about!

Parts of what is explained in the Guide are:

1. How to apply for yourself or family (step by step)

2. The requirements to be eligible & how to meet them

3. How to increase your CRS score to get accepted

4. How to secure jobs before leaving Nigeria

5. How to get the cheapest flights to Canada

BONUS: How to get US Visa 1st attempt

I advise you to watch the Presentation here now. If you like the content, you can buy the full eBook here


Relocate To Canada From Nigeria: Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should

  • Practical step by step instructions on how to start the processing from start to you landing in Canada
  • How to get a job offer from one of the participating Canadian communities while in Nigeria
  • How to get a Canadian phone number while in Nigeria
  • The most important thing you need to know about sending your transcript for verification so it doesn’t get delayed or lost in transit
  • How to get a community recommendation
  • How to pass the IELTS exam up to qualify for this
  • How to get your medical and police report
  • How to prepare for life in Canada
  • And much more…

Immigrate to Canada From Nigeria without Paying A Consultant or Agent Fee

Immigrate to Canada From Nigeria without paying Consultant or Agent Fee

You want to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria at the lowest cost. The agent who claim they can help you will charge you between 500K – 2 Million naira. Many Agents are scammers making this a very risky option.

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If you are interested to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria at the lowest cost and with the right information, you can easily immigrate to Canada from Nigeria without an agent that will charge or collect 1 Million to 2 Million Naira. but if you are not sure how to do it? Whether you want to make Canada your temporary or permanent resident, it is important to get access to the most up-to-date information.

This is a presentation that will help you answer the question: How do I immigrate to Canada from Nigeria without an agent. Click here

In the immigrate to Canada from Nigeria section has three main categories of programs for you to consider:

  • Permanent Residence: Long-term immigration programs, including economic programs (inclusive of Express Entry) and family sponsorship.
  • Work Permits: Programs that allow you to work in Canada for a limited period.
  • Study Permits: Permission to study at approved institutions, with the possibility to work during and after your studies and options to transition to permanent residence. Click to access the

Immigrate to Canada From Nigeria without paying An Agent

I understand that the Canadian Visa application process is complicated and confusing but Nobody should have to be scammed by fake agents because they can’t apply by themselves. Which is why I am offering this Amazing Guide for you.

Since this book hit the market, it has helped over 179 Nigerians with their immigration plans and It can help you too.

Easy Canada Immigration Process

  • Purchase & Download the full immigration guide.
  • Follow the guide to start application Process Free
  • Collect your permanent resident Canada visa & relocate when you are ready!

If you follow the three simple steps above, here are my guarantees to you:

  • You will never be a victim of Canada Immigration Fraud
  • You will receive a truly simple step by step guide to apply yourself.
  • The guide would help you apply & succeed easily.

How would this guide help you

  • Apply for your immigration visa like an EXPERT visa agent
  • Overcome the ANXIETY, TENSION & CONFUSION that comes with the application process by giving you the correct step by step process
  • Spend the LOWEST AMOUNT for the whole process including the Visa Application, Flight booking & Housing
  • Become a Legal permanent resident few months from today
  • Quit suffering, get a better paying job in Canada to support your family and live your dreams

Use this guide to Avoid:

  • Losing hard earned money to fraudulent visa agents or fake Visa books
  • Permanent Resident Application Window closing without you securing your Visa
  • Getting suspended for 5 years or more for following the wrong advice by agents, books or trying to do it yourself (without this trusted guide)!

You deserve to be a Permanent Resident of Canada & I believe you can! Let me help clear the confusion & anxiety and show you how you can become the Permanent Resident you want to be.

Moving to Canada: The 4 best ways to immigrate to Canada [2020]

Moving to Canada: The 4 best ways to immigrate to Canada [2020]

If you are looking to start a new life in a great country, moving to Canada is probably on your list! As one of the world’s safest countries and with a huge number of job openings, Canada is a top choice for immigration worldwide.

Would you like to study in Canada as an international student? You can start the application process After going through this article.

But in as much Canada is one of the best study abroad destination does not still stop the fact that you will need money to pursue your academic dream at whatever level you intend to.

A Perfect Guide Moving to Canada

Canada has announced plans to accept more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years. Here are the best ways to immigrate to Canada in 2020!

#1 – Express Entry

Express Entry is a system of immigration programs that help skilled workers move to Canada as permanent residents. The system ranks candidates according to their age, education, work experience, and language abilities, and then selects the best candidates to come to Canada. Express Entry also allows workers to bring their family members!

Express Entry has the fastest processing times of all Canadian permanent residency programs, with 80% of applications being processed in 4 months or less.

#2 – Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Each of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories (with the exception of Quebec) has its own immigration program, called a Provincial Nominee Program or PNP. PNPs let provinces respond to their individual economic needs by nominating certain candidates for permanent resident status. Often PNPs search out foreign workers with experience in occupations which are in-demand in the province. For example, the province of Saskatchewan recently changed its PNP to nominate more computer programmers.

There are nearly 80 different PNPs across Canada, each with its own set of eligibility requirements. If you’re eligible for just one of them, that could be your ticket to Canada!

#3 – Become an International Student

Canada is a top destination in the world for international students. This is because of the countries great schools, affordable tuition, and positive attitude towards newcomers. But! Canada also makes it easy for international students to apply for permanent immigration after their study has ended. For this reason, many newcomers choose to start their immigration journey by studying in Canada, and then apply for permanent residents status later!

#4 – The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP)

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP) was launched in 2017 to help bring more workers to Canada’s Atlantic Region. The program lets employers in the Atlantic Region hire international workers from outside of Canada. If an international worker receives a job offer from one of the participating employers, they receive support in their immigration process and in their settlement to Canada.

In order to be eligible for AIP, first you have to get a job offer from one of the program’s designated employers. Check out the complete list of designated employers here!

Are you wondering which option is the best for you? We can help you figure it out!

You can watch the video presentation if you haven’t and go ahead to get the Guide (while its still available at 50% Discount) to make your move to Canada as seamless as we are making it for our other subscribers.

The link to get the Guide==> Guide 

The link to watch the Presentation==>Relocate To Canada Without IELTS

Work and Study In Canada 2020-2021

Work and Study In Canada 2020-2021

Today I will like to talk about why the Work and Study In Canada Permit Approach is the best pathway to Canada.

Every student dreams is to study in one of the best study abroad locations in the world, and it’s no more news that Canada provides the best study experience for students who have the opportunity to Work and Study In Canada.

If Canada were a person, it would be the soul of the party, who knows everybody and makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

That’s why international students everywhere choose Canada as their abroad study destination, with its 125 public and private universities, and over 3.000 Bachelor’s programs

Opportunity to Work and Study In Canada.

The first reason will surprise you.

1. It is the easiest.

Yes as simple as that.

That is why 2019 immigration data shows that over 350,000 people were admitted through this pathway to Canada.

This figure is more than 4 times of those who went directly through The Federal Express Entry and The Provincial Nominee Programs.

2. It is not Age Dependent.

Most people find it hard to meet up with the CRS requirement due to their age, which is not their fault.

But the Work-Study Approach opens its doors to everyone and anyone who is willing to take on this beautiful journey regardless of their age.

3. It is way cheaper.

Yes it is. When you go through the Work-Study Permit Approach, you can legally work around cost.

Like going for a vocational course that doesn’t cost much, especially with the scholarship and financial aid available, then while in Canada, you request for an extension after you might have saved up some money while work-studying.

And remember, you will have your children in high quality Canadian Schools for free up to high school.

You can watch the video presentation if you haven’t and go ahead to get the Guide (while its still available at 50% Discount) to make your move to Canada as seamless as we are making it for our other subscribers.

The link to get the Guide==> Guide 

The link to watch the Presentation==>Relocate To Canada Without IELTS

Have a most pleasant day.