Best Landing Page Builders 2020

Landing Page Builders

We made our picks of the best landing page builders that will also help you analyze your traffic and A/B test pages to improve them. along with these features in mind and pricing.

These landing page builders are crucial in marketing. It enables you to convert leads by getting their information from the lead-catch structure. It enables you to focus on the potential audience individually and convert a higher number of guests into customers by offering them value products.

What Should a Landing Page Builders Include?

A landing page builders do one thing well: focuses visitors’ attention on what you’re promoting, with a single call to action (CTA) that gets people to sign up for more information or directly purchase your product. Landing pages support your marketing campaigns, helping you capture leads and present targeted messages to a specific audience.

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You could hand-code a web page, and you could add a single page for your product in any standard CMS. But you’ll do better with something simpler. When you want to build a landing page builders to launch something new, you need:

  • An app to build a one-page website that’s easy to customize without coding.
  • Templates to help you make the website quickly with a modern design.
  • Tools to add extra items—images, long-form text, and more—to templates.
  • A button to send visitors to another site or store where they can buy your product, or a form where they can sign up for more information.
  • A customizable domain name for your site.
  • Analytics tracking to know how many people visit your page and how they got to it.

There are lots of tools that can help you do that—we’ve tested over 30 in researching this article, recreating our API book’s page in each. The most important thing in a landing page builders is turning your idea into a unique landing page that expresses your product’s value in around 15 minutes, and lets you focus on one Call to Action (CTA), such as getting lead information from a form or driving sales. The best-paid landing page builders also help you analyze your traffic and A/B test pages to improve them. We made our picks with those features in mind, along with general ease-of-use, uncommon features, and pricing.

Here is the list of the Landing Page builders



ClickFunnels meets a market need that many of the other landing page builders on the list simply ignore. They provide an out-of-the-box solution that anyone can set up in a few minutes.

Entrepreneurs in the coaching, information, and lead generation space have been running their funnels with ClickFunnels for years — and they have a playbook for that use case down a T.

If you’re running a later stage business, there are a variety of other landing page builders on this list that might have more of the functionality you desire. But if you’re in the business of selling courses or other online content, or if you wondering how to start a blog business and want to minimize the work on your end, try out Clickfunnels.


  • Provides an out of the box solution for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for 3 main goals: generating leads, generating sales, and running an online event
  • Includes many types of pre-built funnels — from billing pages to opt-in pages
  • A/B testing included on the platform


  • Less customization than other landing page builder software tools
  • Looks like a ClickFunnels landing page regardless of where it’s installed
  • Fewer features included than Enterprise-grade software




LandingI is a website landing page builders that can help you quickly deploy a page. They claim to offer “unlimited landing pages, unlimited custom domains, unlimited visitors, unlimited leads, and unlimited users” on all accounts. Over 4000 companies including Paypal, Sony Music, and Callpage use LandingI’s software to power their landing pages.


  • 200+ landing page templates
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Embeddable on your Facebook page
  • Mobile-ready
  • Various other available integrations


  • Pop-ups, Zapier integration, and A/B testing not available on all plans



HubSpot is about as reputable of a tool as you can get in the B2B SaaS world. And their landing Page builders is available alongside a host of other tools (forms, email, CTAs, live chat, and blogging) as part of their Marketing Hub package. It’s an all-in-one solution that can help you launch well-designed pages in no-time.

One unique advantage of HubSpot’s landing page builder is that you’re able to tie it into their CRM and take full advantage of Hubspot’s full suite of tools (including personalization). If you’re already using HubSpot or if you’ve thought about turning to their service as a CRM or email marketing solution, their landing page builder could be the icing on the cake.


  • Includes 11 well-designed templates (plus hundreds more available from Hubspot Marketplace)
  • Mobile-optimized
  • A/B test every element on the page
  • Easy to personalize the page (name, location, industry) using CRM data
  • Directly integrates with Hubspot’s other powerful tools


  • Can get more expensive on higher-tier plans
  • Lacks AMP mobile pages




Leadpages has a lot of similarities to Instapage — drag & drop functionality and a keen emphasis on well-designed templates. But a big difference of their landing page builder is that instead of building for a high-ticket Enterprise customer, they choose to focus on creating solutions for Agencies as their high-tier accounts.

In terms of price, Leadpages is one of the cheapest solutions on this list. And if you’re looking to get a page up for quickly and cheaply — this could be a good option for your business. But if you want the functionality that most growth marketers demand (A/B testing, integrations), be forewarned, Leadpages will make you pay for it.


  • Drag and drop functionality
  • 156 templates
  • Mobile-friendly pages
  • Includes conversion rate boosting extras: alert bars and pop-up boxes
  • On-page payments built-in
  • Integrated Facebook ad builder


  • A/B testing, email triggers, and certain integrations are only available on higher-tier plans
  • Lacks Enterprise-grade security and personalization
  • Lower tier support on several plans




The well-designed landing page builder for paid marketers

Instapage is super easy to use — and as the name suggests — you can launch a landing page almost instantly. It’s useful for businesses at all stages from solopreneurs to agencies to enterprise.

From the get-go, it’s clear that design is a key part of Instapage’s success (similar to how Squarespace has dominated the website builder world with clean design tenants at the core of their business).

Another key benefit of Instapage? They offer a variety of solutions designed for Google ads, Facebook ads, and Retargeting ads. You can quickly tie the landing pages to these points and create custom landing pages to match the ad campaigns you’re running.   


  • 200+ customizable templates for a variety of use cases
  • Drag and drop functionality — using Instablocks
  • Launch AMP landing pages right in the platform
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Easy integrations with other platforms


  • Web personalization and AMP only available on Enterprise plans
  • Enterprise plan can be quite expensive




Unbounce is the solution for marketers that are laser-focused on conversion. This software is all about making sure you “un-bounce” — by guaranteeing that you can quickly and effortlessly deploy landing pages that convert like crazy.

With landing page software, on-page conversion is often an afterthought. But Unbounce makes some key decisions that are focused on quickly helping a user take an action on a page. That includes popups and sticky navbars to add extra opportunities for a visitor to submit an email. And their dynamic text replacement allows for SEM landing pages to be hyper-targeted for a visitor.

Over 15,000 customers including brands such as Vimeo, New Balance, and the New York Times trust Unbounce as their landing page builder — and maybe you should too.


  • Drag and drop functionality (similar to Instapage and others on this list)
  • 125+ AI-powered templates
  • Dynamic text replacement for SEM campaigns
  • Includes popups and sticky bars as part of the plan features
  • AMP-ready mobile pages


  • Redirects and integrations only available on Premium and Enterprise plans
  • Higher learning curve than other options on the list
  • Expensive — especially if you need Enterprise-grade features




Wishpond takes a unique approach to the landing page builder business model — rather than assuming you want to launch pages yourself, they offer two options: Do it yourself or Done for you. The latter plan provides a fully-outsourced model with a team of designers, copywriters, project managers, and marketers that are at your beck and call.

With their landing page builder, Wishpond gives you the ability to launch a variety of landing pages quickly and with ease. Their landing pages are mobile-friendly, launch in minutes, and allow you to integrate custom form fields to collect key information from your visitors.


  • 100+ mobile-friendly landing pages
  • Includes other marketing tools such as popups, contests, and email marketing
  • One click A/B testing
  • Integrates with 300+ other services


  • Not solely a landing page builder, so their product roadmap might prioritize other updates
  • Limited at 1000 leads on lowest-tier plan
  • A/B testing and custom JavaScript not available on all plans


  • $49/month for Starting Out plan; $99/month for Everything You Need plan; $199/month for Rapid Growth plan
  • Get started with a trial



33% of the entire Internet runs on WordPress, so Elementor has built a pretty nice business just off of targeting this one market. Over 2 million people trust their landing page builder to launch pixel perfect pages without typing a single line of code.


  • Only landing page builder on the list built exclusively for WordPress sites
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Includes an open source project for developers, which opens a whole host of innovative landing page tools
  • Pricing scales with the number of sites the software is installed on — not features


  • Popup builder, widgets, dynamic content, and theme builder are only available on paid plans
  • Relies on 3rd parties for many add-ons


  • $0 for Free plan; $49/year for Personal plan; $99/year for Business plan; $199/year for Unlimited Plan
  • Get started with a trial





Thrive Theme

Thrive Theme






GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing solution (like Hubspot) — not specifically a landing page software like MailChimp and Wishpond.

This type of software model has its ups and downs. On the positive side, you get multiple tools for the price of one. On the downside, you have to be realistic and know that landing page software won’t necessarily be the primary thing on their product roadmap.

If you’re looking for an easy to launch solution that has other capabilities than landing pages or if you’re already using their services, GetResponse could be a good choice.


  • Access to 5000+ Shutterstock photos to use on your page
  • Easy to integrate countdown timers to increase conversions
  • A/B testing
  • Comes with a full suite of marketing tools — email marketing, webinars, marketing automation
  • Publish to GetResponse domain or your own


  • Landing page software is not GetResponse’s primary product
  • Gets pricey for Enterprise product
  • Contact-based pricing; Have to upgrade to more expensive plan once you pass 1000 contacts




Wix is an Israeli-based website building platform that has helped more than 125 million people launch a website — so they know a few things about building a page.

Their landing page solutions are designed for limited use cases (Coming Soon, Under Construction, Capture Leads) compared to other software on this list that is designed for growth marketers running paid traffic. It’s also not immediately apparent that the landing page builder is a key product — in fact, their site makes it seem like a natural use case of their website software rather than a key feature. But with a basic package available, it’s worth a look!


  • Includes 30+ templates to choose from
  • Can build many different types of sites — from portfolios to e-commerce sites and beyond
  • Easy to launch like all of Wix’s sites


  • The main function of Wix isn’t as a landing page builder
  • Limited bandwidth and storage on some plans
  • Fewer options than other software on this list


Kickoff Labs

Kickoff Labs

KickoffLabs is designed for marketers that want to go beyond simple landing pages and instead are looking to launch viral marketing contests. Their software allows you to set up a Campaign with a viral loop such as Leaderboards, Bonus Referrals, Coupons, Waitlists, and more!

You can then run that viral Campaign as a Landing Page, Popup, Slide in Bar, or Custom HTML.


  • 45 customizable templates
  • Designed specifically for viral contests
  • Includes widgets that other landing page builder software tools exclude


  • Very specific use case
  • 2000 visitor/month limit on Hobby plan
  • A/B testing, multiple campaigns, custom domains, and integrations are only available on higher tier plans


So, what’s the best landing page builder in 2020?

It depends on your business! We’re a big fan of these 12 options — and at Proof, we’ve used most of these software tools at one point in our history. Today, we’re using both Hubspot and Instapage for our landing pages — but depending on your business, there may be a better landing page builder for your unique business case.

Did we forget something on the list? Leave a comment below.  

Disclosure: We sometimes use affiliate links which means that we may earn a commission if you buy something through our links.

Best WordPress Page Builders 2020

WordPress Page Builders

Looking for an easy way to build and customize your WordPress site? That’s where drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins come in …

See the best WordPress Page Builders and choose the one that’s best for your needs. Compare pricing, features and more for the leading brands

A WordPress page builder can be a great way to create and design a beautiful site. Check out these 13 plugins to get …

What’s the Point of a WordPress Page Builder?

Why Use a Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress?

When starting a blog, many beginners find it difficult to customize their WordPress page layouts.

While a lot of premium WordPress themes come with different page layouts, most of them are extremely hard to customize for anyone who does not know code (HTML / CSS).

This is why users often ask us questions like: “how can we make WordPress drag and drop?” or “is there an easy drag and drop page builder for WordPress?”

When we talk with people who switch from Weebly to WordPress or from Wix to WordPress, their most common response is: “I wish WordPress had a drag and drop website builder”.

Well, there are several great drag and drop page builder plugins available for WordPress. They allow you to create completely custom website designs in WordPress without writing a single line of code.

Since there are so many different WordPress page builder plugins in the market, we decided to compare and rank the top WordPress page builders, so you can choose the right solution for your need.

Our criteria for comparing these WordPress page builders are: ease of useflexibility, and the design output.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the best page builders for WordPress in the market.


Elementor is a popular page builder plugin for WordPress. It is fast, easy to use, and comes with tons of modules / templates that you can use to build a custom website.

You can then drag and drop widgets from the left panel to your section. Elementor comes with tons of widgets including most commonly used website elements.

From basic image and text widgets to advanced accordions, sliders, testimonials, icons, social media, tabs, etc. Each widget comes with its own settings.

Elementor will also let you add widgets created by other WordPress plugins.

Don’t want to build your own layout?

Elementor comes with many ready-to-use templates that you can easily insert into your pages. You can simply point and click to edit any item on the page, replace the content, and you’re done.

Pricing: Starting from $49 for single site license.


Divi is a drag and drop theme and WordPress page builder plugin. It is extremely easy to use and comes with 20+ layouts/templates for different kind of websites.

Just like the Beaver Builder, the Divi Builder is a visual drag and drop page builder, a true WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get).

You can directly click on your page and start editing with the real-time preview of all changes. You don’t need to save and click preview to see your new design.

Divi comes with 46 content modules that you can drag and drop anywhere in your layout. You can arrange them in 3 section types, 20 row types, and customize each element using its advanced design settings.

With Divi, you can create any type of custom page layout that you want within minutes. You can then save these Divi layouts for future use on your site. You can also export a layout from one Divi installation into another.

The Divi Builder plugin is the backbone of the Divi theme, yet it works well with any other WordPress theme.

Best of all, Divi has the best pricing out of all options in this. For a single price, you’ll get the Divi theme, the Divi page builder plugin, and all other Elegant Themes products.

This means you can use the Divi theme or install the Divi Builder plugin on any other theme.

Pricing: Starting from $89 per year (lifetime plan also available)

Our Grade: A

Review: Divi is a great Beaver Builder alternative. It has a powerful page builder with limitless design possibilities. Their large number of content modules allow you to create literally any type of website that you really want. Their lifetime plan also makes it one of the best deals in the market.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder offers a robust WordPress page builder for the creative types who still crave something more than the simplicity of the previous builders. There’s both a free lite version and a premium version. The pricing is a little bit higher than most builders. However, you can use Beaver Builder on an unlimited number of sites, starting at $99.

White-labeling is offered in the Agency plan ($399) so it’s clear that the folks at Beaver Builder are also thinking about development houses with clients.

As for the WordPress page builder, it allows you to gain full control over your design elements, all by starting with modern and beautiful templates and cleaning your site up with a drag and drop system. Beaver Builder boasts precision with the visual builder, which puts it ahead of other options that have finicky controls.

WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder, the free WordPress page builder The features provided by this page builder are there for a reason. It’s been said that the Themeum team has invested years in R&D to deliver the perfect product.

WP Page Builder is a free drag and drop WordPress page builder to create websites easily, came out to the market on August 1st, 2018, and it has already made name for itself. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just a beginner, you can build stunning websites independently with this tool. Create beautiful web pages effortlessly using the intuitive live page composer without coding in minutes. No design experience needed.

WP Page Builder is a free and completely front-end based tool with plenty of design options. Let’s explore the WP Page Builder features below.

Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder is a user-friendly WordPress website editor that helps you create custom website layouts, fast.

It comes with a simple drag and drop builder, out of box content elements, professional templates, and a host of powerful features to make a website.

Similar to Beaver Builder and Divi, it also provides real frontend editing experience for designing a website. But there’s a lot more you can do with this plugin. Unlike other plugins in the list, Visual Composer Website Builder allows you to edit your logo, menus, headers, footers, sidebars, etc.

That’s why the team decides to call it a website builder, instead of just a page builder.

The plugin features powerful design options to customize the appearance of any element on your page. You have easy options to add stylish backgrounds including parallax, gradient, slideshow, carousel, zoom in/out, video, etc. It also comes with flexible rows and columns for creating grid layouts on your site.

Visual Composer works well with all WordPress themes. This allows you to switch your themes without losing custom layouts that you created with Visual Composer.

It also includes support for the new Gutenberg editor, Google Fonts, and Yoast SEO.

Visual Composer is designed for professionals, and it’s evident by their attention to details such as remembering your color choices, which allows you to easily use the same color palette for consistency throughout your design.

Pricing: $59 For One Site License

Our Grade: A-

Review: Visual Composer is a great plugin for beginners to start a website. It provides powerful features for website making in a simple manner. Website editing is made super simple with the real frontend drag and drop editor.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin has both a free version and a premium version for $29. You can download the SiteOrigin widget bundle without giving an email address or paying an additional rate. The widgets offered include modules for Google Maps, headlines, image grids, price tables, post carousels, and much more. Combine this with the responsive WordPress page builder and you’ve found yourself a simple content creation interface for all experience levels.

This is a simple drag and drop system, using grid-based technology and the integration with SiteOrigin and third-party widgets. Therefore, you can construct your website using some of the more familiar widgets that come with your theme. The page builder has live frontend editing, but you also have the option to move around elements in the backend page builder. This provides a simple toolbar towards the top of your content, with buttons to add widgets, add rows, use prebuilt modules, or look at your history.

Final Thoughts: Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

As we compared different drag and drop WordPress page builders, one thing became very clear. Beaver Builder and Divi are clearly the top choice.

Visual Composer is a close third option that offer a complete drag & drop WordPress page builder.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit money to get the best solution in the market along with guaranteed support, then go for any of these three, and you won’t regret it.

Do I still Need a Page Builder if I am Using the New WordPress Block Editor?

Recently we’re getting a lot of users asking us this question.

WordPress block editor also known as Gutenberg was officially launched as the new default WordPress editor. The new editor uses blocks which are content elements for creating pages and posts.

Superficially, the block editor looks similar to some of the WordPress page builders above.


A Quick List of the Best WordPress Page Builder Options in 2019

  • Elementor.
  • GeneratePress with Sections.
  • Beaver Builder.
  • Divi.
  • WP Page Builder.
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin.
  • Visual Composer.
  • Page Builder Sandwich.

15 Best Directory WordPress Themes 2020

directory wordpress theme

Take a look at the 15 best WordPress directory themes around. These themes are going to make running a directory listing a breeze.

So in this post, we’re making your job easier and listing some of the best WordPress directory themes out there. They all come with awesome features and engaging designs, so check them out, and maybe you’ll find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Directory websites require a slightly different WordPress theme/design to be effective at what they do.

If you are planning on creating an online directory, then WordPress is the perfect platform for your project. As this collection demonstrates, there are plenty of great themes on offer that include all the features you need to build a professional online directory.

Best Directory WordPress Themes

Whether you want to list local businesses, tourist attractions, events, or classifieds adverts, these WordPress directory themes have got it covered. Some of the common features found in these themes include Google Maps integration, front end submission forms for accepting user generated content, and plenty of monetization options.

If you are not quite sure if a directory theme is the right choice for your project, there are some other related themes that might be a better fit. To find out more, please visit these collections to see what else is on offer:

Here is the list of the best directory themes for WordPress:


This WordPress theme software helps you create, manage and monetize a directory site for literally any purpose so you can build an online business of showing listing ads for various businesses such as Car, Properties, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Destinations etc. Here’s a few screenshots how it looks like…


  • Dedicated mobile app view,
  • SEO ready,
  • Google Maps,
  • List ratings and reviews,
  • Google fonts,
  • Color customizer,
  • Advanced search form,
  • 20+ directory extensions.

Listify – Directory WordPress Theme

A modern and beautiful WordPress directory theme, with a friendly and colorful design. The interface lets you search for and find relevant information about a certain topic quickly. The theme has a full-screen layout.


  • responsive design,
  • WooCommerce compatibility,
  • price packages,
  • advanced search form,
  • review system,
  • ad spaces,
  • various plugin integrations – Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, NinjaForms, FacetWP etc.

Directory+ – WordPress Directory Theme

Directory+ is a powerful theme from a team with a proven track record of fantastic directory themes. This theme has a fresh and modern feel that will make your directory site appealing for your visitors. It comes with support for WooCommerce as well Ecwid store to make monetization even easier. With its drag and drop page builder, you can effectively customize your site regardless of your technical knowledge. There are 7 separate options for the header including a video, a slider, and even a map. In spite of it having a large number of fantastic features, Directory+ still remains accessible to a layperson.

Key Features:

  • Effective SEO Tools
  • Designed for WooCommerce
  • Google Map with Street View, KM/Miles Support
  • Intuitive Search with many options
  • 7 different options for headers

ListingPro – WordPress Directory Theme

A modern theme with an intuitive interface that focuses on the quality of the content. It comes with two different demos: a classic one with a multipurpose design and another one for travel agencies, where you can showcase your best destination packages. The theme is simple to use and provides directory categories where people can enter and leave reviews.


  • separate intuitive theme dashboard,
  • advanced search filters,
  • full review and rating system,
  • ad management system,
  • built-in listing submission,
  • grid + list entry view,
  • smart hours and automatic open/closed status.

MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Unlike a lot of other themes, MyListing offers you the freedom to create any type of directory site you want. When adding items, you will have 20+ premade fields along with an unlimited amount of custom fields to work with. On top of that, you will be able to build advanced search forms with unlimited custom filters. The powerful Elementor page builder also makes it extremely easy to create beautiful looking web pages. This theme also features an easy to use Shortcode generator with custom shortcodes. Monetizing your site has also been made hassle-free since MyListing has been fully integrated with WooCommerce. You can simply use the demo importer and immediately get started with creating a fantastic directory site.

Key Features:

  • Highly responsive and retina ready
  • Configure data with built-in UI
  • Easy monetization through WooCommerce
  • Compatible with the Elementor Page Builder
  • Informative user dashboard

LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme

Listable is an amazing WordPress business directory theme which gives you all that you could ask for to make a fantastic directory site. While it looks good, its clean design means that there aren’t any over-designed elements to distract your visitors from the important content. This theme is also flexible enough that it can be perfect for all kinds of directory sites. With its seamless WooCommerce integration, Listable ensures that monetization of your site is smooth. Listable also has an advanced filtering and search system that will help your visitors zero in on their content of choice. In spite of the complex features, it still manages to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Easy Monetization
  • Advanced and interactive filtering system
  • Fast and Smooth Animated Page Transitions
  • SEO optimized
  • Super easy to setup and customize

Javo Directory WordPress Theme

A joyful and modern WordPress theme for listings. It comes with five different demos and a sixth one coming soon. The theme has a full-screen header with a search form, catchy icons and images, and easy mapping by categories.


  • customizable rating system,
  • Google Maps with Ajax,
  • front-end forms,
  • custom fields,
  • fully responsive,
  • Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and Ultimate VC Addons integration.

Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

User engagement is a huge part of having a great directory and Business Finder has a lot of features to help you with that. You can let the users create events and link it to the event venue or business on their own. It also makes it super easy for business owners to claim listings. Its header has been designed to be functional as well as user-friendly and engaging to use. There is also a map element which gives you the choice between the classic map, street view, business view, and 3D view. In fact, it even supports Geolocation with Km and Miles. Monetization has been made easier with flexible payment plans and support for payment through integrated gateways. In addition to all that, Business Finder also comes with a fantastic premium slider plugin to showcase items beautifully.

Key Features:

  • Video Header
  • 3D Map view and Street view available
  • Easy to use Drag-and-Drop page builder
  • Advertising spaces available
  • Premium Slider plugin included

Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

The ClassiAds is all time #1 Premium Classified Ads WordPress Theme on Themeforest. We know its a perfect choice for your business. Super flexible, Rich with features availability, Drag and Drop system with page builder and Top payment gateways 100% responsive design (try resizing your browser). Built with HTML5 and CSS3. A lot of thought and care were put into ClassiAds making it a pleasure to use.

Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Directory the Multi-purpose WordPress Theme is an absolutely unique premium WordPress theme, it is the result of our hardworking development team and constant feedback from users and buyers. This theme is built in cooperation with you! Your users will never have access to the WordPress dashboard, everything is done at front-end. You can, register, login, edit your profile, submit listings and Filtering and sorting search results so much more from the front-end without having to visit the WordPress dashboard.

PointFinder | Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Point Finder Directory Theme was designed to allow you to create a listing & directory website as you wish. You can create your own customized system within minutes thanks to its customizable fields and search system. Point Finder offers you a lot of control over Google Map, and it is unique with its superior features. The websites you can create with Point Finder is only limited by your imagination…

Listinger – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Do you consider to list local business or have a plan for directory website for local business? It can be restaurants, hotels, events, mall, or any listing and directory you can think to start, Listinger is full featured WordPress directory theme. It is perfect for any Global or Local directory listing website like Business Review, Online business directory listing, City listing, or other business directory services.

Wilcity – Directory Listing WordPress Theme

ListGo – Directory WordPress Theme

If you want to use a Directory Theme + App, We recommend purchasing Wilcity. If you want to migrate from Listgo to Wilcity, We created a tool to do that, You can download and use it for free here

MyCity – Geolocation directory and events guide

MyCity - Geolocation directory and events guide

15 Recommended Political WordPress Themes 2020

15 Recommended Political WordPress Theme 2020

This is a collection of the best political WordPress themes for politicians, political candidates, political parties, and political campaigns.

For political purposes, your political WordPress themes are basically a single message which is used to communicate an integrated political message. It should be based on a clear reason why a candidate is running for office, and backed up by an overall identity that shapes the overall campaign. The goal, of course, is to convince people to vote for you.

ALSO READ: 15 Recommended University WordPress Themes

These premium political WordPress themes will allow you to have a professional website where you can clearly present your policies, outline who you are and what you stand for, list your achievements, accept donations, link to your other social media profiles and more.

Best Political WordPress Themes

WordPress is an awesome free and open source web publishing platform, and the premium themes below are all very reasonably priced. Together they allow you to build a nice website quickly and more importantly cheaply so you can stop wasting at least some of the tax payer’s money!

Nominee – Political WordPress Theme for Candidate/Political Leader

Nominee – a Political WordPress Theme for Political LeaderPolitical CampaignCandidateOrganizationPolitical Party

  • Best Political WordPress Theme
  • Election Campaign and Countdown, RTL Ready
  • Political Theme, WooCommerce, Donation

FrontRunner Political WordPress Theme

FrontRunner Political WordPress Theme

FrontRunner is the Political WordPress Theme for your Political CampaignSuper PACCandidateOrganizationPolitical Party or Interest Group

  • Ideal for all types of political websites
  • Layouts for your campaign, candidate & more
  • Fully compatible with Give donation plugin

Campaign – Political WordPress Theme

Campaign - Political WordPress Theme

Campaign is a theme that’s made to help you win in your political race and be the hub of your campaign. It’s built with the WP Email Capture plugin (both the free and premium versions) in mind to collect names and emails of your constituents and The Events Calendar or Events Calendar Pro plugin to display all of your upcoming events. There’s also an easy to set up donation button in the header. Whether Democrat, Republican, or any other type of party, this theme will handle any politician or cause.

  • Easily link to a donation page
  • Capture Emails
  • Premade Party Colors

VoteStart – Political Campaign Theme

Pick VoteStart political theme, and you’ve just elected the perfect candidate for your new political campaign, election candidate, or political activism website. VoteStart is fully equipped with everything you’ll need to easily create a modern political website. You get donation and event templates, volunteer submission forms, and much more. VoteStart is sure to give your political campaign a head start!

  • Ideal for all types of political websites
  • Layouts for your campaign, candidate & more
  • Fully compatible with Give donation plugin

Candidate – Political WordPress Theme

Candidate is a flexible WordPress theme that’s been built to help you raise awareness for your project.

Although this theme can easily be used to promote a non-profit organization or a church, it’s very well suited to creating any kind of political website. Thanks to the four political demos included among the 12 website demos, you’ll be able to set your website up very quickly.

  • Designed for political and public figures
  • Inspired by the modern political arena
  • Flexible enough to fit any political option

Politic – Political WordPress Theme

Politic – Political WordPress Theme is a clean, modern and responsive design for Politicians, Minister or Member of Parliament. It is a great online solution for political parties, social movements, NGO’s, crowd-funding campaigns, and other politics related websites.

This political theme is a perfect choice for building a political website because it is built-in Elementor Page Builder Plugin. This fully responsive and retina ready theme is easy to use and flexible including Drag & Drop Page Builder. You don’t need to be a coder to build beautiful pages.

  • Political Wordpress Theme
  • Political party & Political Candidate Theme
  • Political Campaign & Event WP Theme

Activism – Political WordPress Theme

Activism - Political WordPress Theme

Activism – Political Activism WordPress Theme, Clean and minimal responsive WordPress theme for non-profit organizations, events websites or any other business or personal website.

  • Best selling Activism WP theme
  • Gutenberg custom blocks, Slider revolution
  • Redesigned (October 2019)

Baxton – Political WordPress Theme

Baxton - Political WordPress Theme

Baxton – Political WordPress Theme designed especially for politician, modern political leader, political party sites , activist, election campaign, political and social movements. It can also be used as any non-profit organization, such as charity, event, campaign, fundraising etc.

  • Political WordPress Theme
  • Events and Donation management
  • One Click Site Ready

Election – Political WordPress Theme

Election - Political WordPress Theme

Election is a political WordPress retina ready theme with unlimited skins.

Whether you’re a political blogger or political candidate, “Election” will give you a beautiful website design that is mobile friendly, functionally robust, SEO friendly, and easy to use. It has powerful CMS functionality and a long list of premium features. Election is a fully responsive theme, meaning it will look great on the smallest smartphone as well as the biggest desktop monitor.

  • Best for Political Parties and Candidates
  • Events – Calendar, List and Unique Design
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder + Revolution Slider

Politik – Political WordPress Theme

Politik- Political WordPress Theme is a theme designed for political campaigns.Politik – Political WordPress Theme, can help you jump start your political campaigns online to spread awareness and attract voters. It will allow you to showcase your current and future agendas online. You can display upcoming events, priorities, causes, services, and much more.

This political WordPress theme has a unique design for the users to understand the services you are offering. You can also display the team behind all the campaigns. The theme is highly responsive and compatible with all modern devices.

Elvotics – Political WordPress Theme

Elvotics - Political WordPress Theme

Elvotics is a responsive WordPress theme built specifically for political, law business oriented websites, political campaigns, candidates, organizations and similar sites. Includes 6 months premium support.

Elvotics is fully integrated with the WPBakery Page Builder. This awesome page builder lets you to create complex layouts of your pages and posts with simple drag-n-drop interface. Code is easy to modify and understand so you can personalize it in the easiest way.

If you wish to help the community and sell goods to raise money – Elvotics theme is a great choice to build an online store and it is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

With Elvotics WordPress Theme, you will be able to find multiple creative options to showcase what you are offering. Be sure, this is going to be most successful purchase! And our support team is always going to be near to help!

Candidate – Political/Nonprofit/Church WordPress Theme

Candidate - Political/Nonprofit/Church WordPress Theme

Candidate is a unique and professionally done WordPress theme that will be suitable for any nonprofit organization, such as charity, political campaign, church etc..

It includes all the needed tools such as Visual Content Composer, Visual Composer Form Builder, Revolution Slider, powerful settings panel that will help you to build a really good website.

  • Perfect Theme for NGO and politics
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • One Click Installation – Quick Start Guide

Campaign – Your Political WordPress Theme

Campaign - Your Political WordPress Theme

it’s a clean and elegant theme, developed mainly to setup charity, NGOs, nonprofit orgnizations, church, donation and corporate websites. Using the color scheme of your choice by using color picker make it elegant and high visual impact experience.

This theme is best suitable for a small to large NGO Organizations to setup reference website. Theme works in all the major browsers, and has massive features to use for your next projects as well.

  • Used by political candidates worldwide
  • Created by top author of political themes
  • Suitable for NGO sector, too

Politpress – Multipurpose Political WordPress theme

Politpress is our new WordPress theme is created for websites, like governmental social program websites. You can create for Political Company, Political Candidate, Organization, Political Party and etc.

This theme is built for politicians and activists to develop their personal and party/group professional websites. Using the title, politicians can create their profiles, campaign posts, news posts etc. We introduced all of the newest features and presented modern design.

Therefore we added the Revolution Slider, powerful Unyson Page Builder that will help you to build a really good website. Do not miss this unusual WordPress theme. It will help you bring to life all our ideas and project.

  • Political Events, Party Fundraising Donations
  • For Non Profit, NGO And Elections Campaign
  • Political Candidate & Political Parties

Partiso | Political WordPress Theme for Party & Candidate

Partiso | Political WordPress Theme for Party & Candidate

Partiso is a multi-purpose, modern & fresh Political WordPress theme. It’s designed for politicianpolitical leader, activist, election campaign, political and social movements, political party or individual candidate website, political reviews, as well as any non-profit organization websites.

  • Powerful Political WordPress Theme
  • Elementor, Events & WooCommerce
  • Multiple Layouts, Shortcodes & Widgets

15 Recommended Charity and NGOs Themes for WordPress Websites

15 Recommended Charity and NGOs Themes for WordPress Websites

Are you looking for the best charity and NGOs themes for WordPress Websites?

Charity and nonprofit websites require an appealing presentation with the right tools to achieve their donation goals. It can be possible with the use of a professional WordPress theme.

The following charity and NGOs WordPress themes below are some great examples and ideas to use to get your nonprofit off the ground. Whether it’s about setting a goal, project, or car repair parts, there is a specific solution for any of these needs. Just to be clear, we’ve gathered only the best charity and NGOs WordPress themes worth exploring. While the variety of possible solutions abounds, it makes sense to start from these ones.

Best Charity and NGOs Themes for WordPress Websites

In this article, we will show you some of the best WordPress themes for nonprofit organizations that will help you get maximum donations.

Lifeline – NGO, Fund Raising and Charity WordPress Theme

Lifeline is a clean, highly flexible and beautifully designed charity WordPress theme with fresh and mobile-friendly layouts. Any of the 13 unique Home Pages can be used for your nonprofit website, charity foundation or charity organization each of which follows the latest trends of 2019.

This nonprofit wp template has been successful in helping different fund raising organizations to showcase their content and get donations for the last 3 years. The WordPress theme can be used for Fundraising, NGO, Charity or any other nonprofit project. Lifeline has earned the title of ‘trend setter’ for introducing many advance features that were never seen before in this niche.

Charity: Nonprofit/NGO/Fundraising WordPress Theme

Charity – Nonprofit/Fundraising WordPress Theme is a responsive, flexible and Bootstrap powered theme for charitable trusts, no-profit organizations, NGO, small charity firms. Enriched with numerous simple layouts, this church WordPress theme is packed with 6 fantastically designed e-store & shopping cart pages.

Designed & developed with standard technology, this fundraising WordPress template/theme holds manifold interactive features that facilitate you freedom to build website for Charity, non-profit organization and NGO. In order to fulfill diverse charity trust website needs, this beautifully designed and clean fundraising WordPress template/theme provides high flexibility to design cross-browser compatible websites that not only foster search engine ranking, but also improve overall performance.

Children Charity – Nonprofit & NGO WordPress Theme

Children Charity is a theme for NGO and other charity organizations that require donations functionality for fundraising. Custom donations plugin lets you collect donations for a children charity organization, a kids orphanage or any other nonprofit project.

Charity organizations often require special functionality, like donations to create fundraisers, collect donated funds and display charity campaigns. Children Charity theme comes with a unique and custom Donations plugin that is fully incorporated into the theme and is fully styled.

Eco Press – Nature, Ecology & NGO WordPress Theme

Eco Press is a full-fledged solution for all ecology and nature-related websites, for non-profit organizations and animal-saving fundraisers, green world movements etc. The theme has a sophisticated donations functionality, you can raise funds for your nature and ecology ngo, create ecology surveys, showcase profiles of your volunteer team members etc.

Aid Reform: NGO Donation and Charity Theme

AidReform is a clean and elegant theme, developed mainly to setup charity, NGOs, nonprofit organizations, church, donation and corporate websites. Best suited for the charity organizations aiming to attract the attention for raising charity organizations. It has been built on the latest bootstrap frame work. AidReform has taken all nerves to make it highly creative. It includes gallery to show the recent performances, Causes to stimulate donors. With its current structure, it is best suitable for churchs. It shows the amount of donation that keeps donors on heels to meet the required amount.

NGOs devoted to Environmental causes can also go for this theme without a second thought. The elegant style of showing events for fundraising add to its value. Payment mode of paypal makes it more easy to operate, secure to raise funds. The feature of publications gives freedom of writing all details of happenings of the time and resolutions for future. A detail page showing staff and all relevant personals makes it worth using product.

Philanthropy – Nonprofit WordPress Theme

A responsive nonprofit WordPress theme that has all it takes if you are looking for a website that stands out from the crowd.

MegaMenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable responsive drop down menu. Our implementation makes it easy to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.

Goodwish – Charity & Nonprofit Theme

Goodwish is a modern and carefully designed theme geared specifically towards all charity and nonprofit organizations, as well as fundraising campaigns.

It’s also fully compatible with Give plugin for easy donations right on your site; it’s simply what every charity or fundraising website needs. Alongside this, you get a set of fully customizable homepage as well as event layouts which are geared specifically towards any charity, ngo, nonprofit and fundraising organization. Create an appealing website in virtually no time and make your voice heard!

Charity WordPress Theme

Charity is a powerful responsive charity / donations / foundation / fundraising premium WordPress theme , built on the Bootstrap Framework, jam-packed with features.

The theme is very powerful yet easy to use and customize, whether you’re a WordPress pro or a beginner with no coding skills.

Ultra Responsive Charity will fit your large desktop screen, all the way down to your iPhone – and of course any Tablet or iPad.

SEO (search engine optimization): Charity is SEO optimized and it follows the latest trends and best practices in onsite optimization.

Charity comes with unlimited color styles, custom widgets, touch & swipe enabled, RevSlider (worth $16) and much more.

Extended Documentation – Charity is super easy to install and setup and comes with an extended documentation, ready to use page layouts and examples, HD video tutorials, 6 PSD designs and much more.

Lifetime Updates – I put a lot of effort into providing top-notch customer support. Buy any theme now and enjoy premium support.

Hope | Non-Profit, Charity & Donations WordPress Theme

It is a modern, colorful & well designed Charity WordPress theme for non-profit organizations with RTL. This beautiful theme is the best choice for any contemporary charity company, NGO agency, crowdfunding bureau, free school, donations, foundation firm, fundraising, free education, child care & child protection, environmental protection, ecology business, religion or governmental social program website.

Hope includes all the necessary features that your nonprofit website may need. It goes with a powerful Give plugin for your fundraising campaigns, donating, foundation or charitable trusts.

Charity Home – Charity/Fundraising WordPress Theme

Charity Home is a WordPress Theme which fits for the cause of Charity, Nonprofit, One Cause, Environment, Fundraising, Politics, NGO, Church and other non-profit projects. It’s a great theme and it will make a model and professional website for you.

The theme also integrates with Charitable plugin to create campaigns and manage donations for non-profit organizations.

Charity – WordPress Theme Gutenberg Ready

Charity is a simple and clean but still professional WordPress theme that is best suited for Charity, NGO (Non-governmental organization), foundations, churches, political organizations etc. The theme is created by using the latest techniques. The responsive design makes it easily usable with any device (Desktop, tablet, mobile phone?), without removing any content!

The theme is integrated with PayPal and Stripe (Visa Card). After a successful transaction, you will get the payment automatically to Pledges and you will have the possibility to follow all transactions. Alternatively you can add manual payments. Donors are able to donate every Week or Month, the same donors can cancel the subscription.

Attyia – Creative NGO and Charity WordPress Theme

Attyia is a modern elegant NGO and Charity WordPress Theme. It comes with 2 gallery styles, projects, causes, Event Calendar, Charity Products, donations and more. Attyia is fully responsive on all devices and compatible with all modern browsers. See the other features below.

If you feel we have missed a theme feel to comments below.

15 Recommended Health and Medical Themes 2020

15 Recommended Health and Medical WordPress Themes

Are you looking for the best Health and Medical WordPress Themes?

Here are the collection of best Health and Medical WordPress Themes for WordPress Websites designed and developed for health and wellness related websites and blogs. These themes are for doctors, dentists, hospitals, health clinics, physicians, physiotherapists, surgeons and other types of health-related websites.

All these themes share premium quality and highly customizable layout thanks to advanced theme options that come with each of these themes. Additionally, these themes allow creating unique and professional websites without the need to hire professional developers and designers.

Best Health And Medical WordPress Themes

MediCenter – Health Medical Clinic WordPress Theme

MediCenter are health care institutions, clinics and hospitals, doctors and everyone else involved in health services, Medicenter is the most popular and #1 selling medical WordPress Theme. For the effortless crafting of feature-rich medical industry websites. From dentistry and psychiatric practices to veterinarians, Medicenter has you covered.

MediCure – Health & Medical WordPress Theme

Medicure WordPress theme was created to offer a perfect solution for medical websites. It features functionality that was developed with health and medicine websites in thought, with all the compulsory for these sites features included.

Custom Services post type allows you display medical services of a large hospital as well as of small private clinic – fantastic flexibility allows you to adapt the theme to your needs. A really large set of custom shortcodes empowers a website manager to create highly unique and interactive content, even if this is a first experience of using a wordpress theme.

Apicona – Health & Medical WordPress Theme

Apicona - Health & Medical WordPress Theme
Apicona – Health & Medical WordPress Theme

Apicona Health & Medical WordPress Theme is a great professional WordPress Medical Theme that proudly comes with Most powerful Admin Panel, Unlimited Skin Colors, Drag & Drop Page Builder, WPML Approved, 2000+ Icons with Search Feature, 6+ Types of Header Style, Overlay Header Style (New), Premium Slider, One Click Demo Content Setup and much more

HouseMed – Medical and Health Theme

Health is wealth, so stay healthy with HouseMed! Designed in a modern manner, this medical and health theme is packed with a large collection of layouts and fully customizable homepages. Introduce every doctor or let your customers easily book an appointment with HouseMed’s amazing options. Showcase your medical or dentist clinic in detail, share timetable, pricing plan and more. Get HouseMed today!

Healthcare – Medical for Doctor Dentist

The theme is built for medical practices, dentists, doctors, surgeons, hospitals, health clinics, paediatrics, psychiatrist, psychiatry, stomatology, chiropractor, veterinary clinics and other medical related practices. It has purpose oriented design and comes with appointment / booking form, timetable, opening hours, department management. It is suitable for users with zero programming skills as well as advanced developers. From dentistry and psychiatric practices to veterinarians, nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, health care professional this theme has you covered.

Medical and Dentist theme comes integrated with premium slider revolution and drag & drop page builder requiring absolutely no coding knowledge.

OneLife – Doctor, Medical & Health WordPress

OneLife is a Medical WordPress Theme for Cosmetic Clinic or Plastic Surgery Website? One Life is a versatile Medical & Doctor theme that is well suited for the Cosmetic Medical Center, Plastic Surgeons, Hospitals, Beauty Clinics, HealthCare Companies, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Physiciansand all Hospital related business. One Click Demo install will pre load all the elements with you need to create medical or hospital, doctor websites. Create Plastic Surgeon website instantly without any coding knowledge.

Medilink – Health & Medical WordPress Theme

Medilink is a WordPress health theme for medical institutions, clinics, hospitals, and health-oriented organizations. It is a theme that’s designed specifically for the use by medical websites.

You’ll find that Medilink gives you ample freedom to talk about your health organization in a way that leaves no questions in patients’ minds.

Creating a medical website should always be about giving patients what they need. One of the ways that Medilink achieves this is through a design that focuses on health-related needs.

Two primary features of Medilink are the Doctors Time Table & Schedule Page. And also, a Quick Doctor Appointment Page.

These features will let patients to quickly schedule an appointment with the appropriate doctor right from your website. And because Medilink is a mobile-friendly medical theme, your patients will have the freedom to make appointments using their smartphone.

The appointment form lets patients select a health department and individual doctor’s names. This ensures that they’ll always make the right appointment with the right doctor.

Medina | Health & Medical WordPress Theme

Medina | Health & Medical WordPress Theme
Medina | Health & Medical WordPress Theme

Medina is the beautiful Medical WordPress Theme for Private clinics, Clinic plastic-surgery, Dental clinic and Personal doctors pages. Everyone can find a suitable page for itself. We have tried to create the big set of components and styles for your awesome website.

Jevelin Multi-Purpose Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Jevelin is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme and this is reflected in the library of professional website demos you’ll have access to. From business and agency websites to eCommerce stores and personal portfolios, all the most common types of projects are covered by the pre-built Jevelin demos. With new demos being regularly added, launching a landing page or website for your startup, gym, yoga studio, blog, wedding, photography or other event has never been easier.

ApexClinic – Health & Medical Theme

This theme is suitable for most Medical Clinic, Health, Medical industry sites including Doctors, Dentists, Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery, Pediatric Clinic and Pharmacy. Apex Clinic has SIX full demos which you can utilize for your upcoming health & medical website. Each demo has all essential inner pages to run a site.

The theme is fast, responsive, retina ready, WPML compatible, W3C valid. While creating this theme, we took special care for seo. Every pages was coded with best seo practices with H1-H4 tag on almost all pages, images have ALT tags to mention few.

Appointment Booking Feature in-built – We understand the need of having in-built appointment booking for a clinic, so we have pre-designed appointment page so that your visitors can schedule appointment easily.

MediClinic – Medical Healthcare Theme

MediClinic - Medical Healthcare Theme
MediClinic – Medical Healthcare Theme

Keep your health in check with MediClinic! Packed with 12 easy customizable homepages and a modern collection of layouts perfect for doctor showcase, this medical and healthcare theme has all you may need. Present every aspect of your medical clinic or create detailed doctors timetable with MediClinic’s great functionalities.Share the details about your laboratory, hospital or clinic. You can as well present your pharmacy, dentist business or any other medical service. Let your customers book an appointment effortlessly or find the right doctor in no time. It’s easy with MediClinic!

Nordis – Health & Medical

Nordis - Health & Medical
Nordis – Health & Medical

Nordis is a Unique and Modern Medical WordPress Theme which suits any personal doctors and medical centers as well as sites of any medical websites. The design is easy to change and adapt to the client needs. Each widget has a convenient and thoughtful settings, so you can create beautiful and unique sites even without programming knowledge. The theme has all the modern functionality such as: Booking Doctor Plugin, WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution and much more.

This template is ideal for the following subjects: medical, hospital, health, clinic, beauty, spa, yoga, medicine, fitness, surgeon, personal doctor website.

Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BRIDGE is a responsive retina multipurpose WordPress theme perfect for just about anyone. Whether you are a creative, a corporate team, a lawyer, a medical doctor or a freelancer looking for a modern portfolio website or a personal blog, Bridge is your best option.

Build with WPBakery or Elementor – it’s your choice!

Need a 1-page gallery, a coming soon or an app landing page? Own a restaurant, a bar or a pizza parlor? A gym or a fitness studio? You have a wellness or a spa center, or promote healthy lifestyle? We got you! Bridge is here if you need a superb website for your hotel, travel tour, church, wedding, shop, seo digital marketing agency, or if you are into photography, architecture, fashion, design, organic food, music or offer any type of service out there. Bridge is not just a theme, it’s a collection of amazing examples with tons of features. The possibilities are truly endless.

Clinico – Premium Medical and Health Theme

Clinico - Premium Medical and Health Theme
Clinico – Premium Medical and Health Theme

Clinico is a very powerful Medical and Health Theme suitable for medical and health related businesses. Its fresh and clean design makes it applicable for corporate websites, personal blogs, product-oriented sites as well. It looks great on tablets and mobile devices due to its responsive design and retina graphics. The theme comes with wide and boxed layouts, includes six predefined color schemes which are very easy to customize.

Our theme comes loaded with a great deal of various widgets, page layouts, content elements, contact form, twitter and much more.

Highest quality of code, extended and easy-to-read documentation, prompt and qualified support are the key features Clinico is standing out with.

15 Recommended School Themes for WordPress Websites

15 Recommended School Themes for WordPress Websites

Are you looking for the best WordPress education themes? This is a collection of the best school WordPress themes for education, universities, colleges, kindergarten, online courses and other education-related websites.

Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Everyone is looking to change the world, and why not take part in these movements? People are paying a ridiculous amount of money for education, as this industry is valued at $3 trillion. Most of this amount is now spent on online education. Of course, we would like to give you an opportunity to take a fraction of this market. The best way to start is to create your own education related website.

Best School Themes for WordPress Websites in 2020

If you’re wondering where you can find an education theme, then you’re at the right place. Check out our handpicked list of the best education WordPress themes for schools and colleges:

Baby Kids – Education Primary School Children

Baby Kids - Education Primary School Children
Baby Kids – Education Primary School Children

Baby Kids is a multi-page and Multipurpose WordPress Educational Theme suitable for School, College, Kindergartens, Elementary, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Universities, Academics and Educational. Baby Kids Theme is also suitable for any educational activities and, with the colorful design, it is ideal for toys stores, activities related to children too.

Baby Kids can be adapted to any kind of industry – not only educational but also babysitting and summer camps for example – and much more thank to the super flexible and fully responsive design. All pages are optimized in order to perform, in a simple and fast way, any customization. Thanks to the many customization options offered by the theme, Baby Kids is perfect in more fields and areas. In the Theme there are also included many plugins that make you save time and money, for example : Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin FOR FREE, WP Bakery Page Builder for WordPress FOR FREE and much more.

Eduma Education WordPress Theme

 Eduma Education WordPress Theme
Eduma Education WordPress Theme

Education WordPress Theme – Education WP is made for educational web, LMS, Training Center, Courses Hub, College, Academy, University, School, Kindergarten.

Based on our experience of building LMS with our previous theme eLearning WP – Education WP is the next generation and one of the best education WordPress themes around, containing all the strength of eLearning WP but with a better UI/UX. This WordPress educational theme has been developed based on the #1 LMS plugin on the official WordPress Plugins directory LearnPress (also developed by ThimPress). Education WP theme offers you the best LMS experience ever, with a super friendly UX and complete eLearning features.

Ed School: Education WordPress Theme

Ed School: Education WordPress Theme
Ed School: Education WordPress Theme

Ed School is Designed and developed with experience in building websites for school users ‘Ed School’ is filled with the useful kinds of features you need to easily create a beautiful fluid, modern school websites. Feature Teacher and Tutor Profiles, ramp up your social media efforts or schedule and manage your School’s events with the events calendar for WordPress – all from within a familiar and easy to use WordPress Dashboard. Teamed up with the powerful Theme Options Panel for Ed School and the skies are the limit.

Skilled | School Education Courses WordPress Theme

Skilled | School Education Courses WordPress Theme
Skilled | School Education Courses WordPress Theme

Create, publish and sell courses online. Skilled is an Educators WordPress Theme & complete Learning Management System (LMS) powered by WPBakery Page Builder for creating school/university/academic websites.

Create a world-class University,​ ​School,​ ​College​ ​or​ ​Academic website with WordPress​ and Skilled​ in no time, with no coding required. Skilled has been carefully designed and developed from the ground up for creating and selling online courseware to suit a wide range of scholastic​ ​applications​.University Theme,​ ​School Theme,​ ​College​ Theme,​Academic ThemeCreate a world-class University,​ ​School,​ ​College​ ​or​ ​Academic website with WordPress​ and Skilled​ in no time, with no coding required. Skilled has been carefully designed and developed from the ground up for creating and selling online courseware to suit a wide range of scholastic​ ​applications​.

Owly – Tutoring & eLearning

Owly - Tutoring & eLearning
Owly – Tutoring & eLearning

Owly is a creative and artistic Education WordPress theme specially designed for the academies, learning institutes, colleges, schools, and universities, consultant. Owly theme carries an awe-inspiring collection of page templates to share your best tutor and top ranking student profiles, aim & objectives, achievements and facilities in an enticing look.

The theme ensures the possibility of building a multilingual educational website with WPML so that reaching will be no matter wherever students located. Not only that you will be able to edit this education design in no time, thanks to the very famous Visual Composer and custom shortcodes. Also, you can be able to create awesome slides at the lightning speed through the Revolution Slider. Just make a scroll down you can find many more fantastic features of Owly.

Carry Hill School – Education WordPress Theme

Carry Hill School - Education WordPress Theme
Carry Hill School – Education WordPress Theme

Carry Hill School is a beautifully designed WordPress Theme for your child school, child care, but it would suit any children, art, craft or creative website. It comes with WPBakery Page Builder – Drag and Drop Page Builder which enables you to create your page content with ease. You can rearrange your content blocks any way you like. It also includes a powerful Premium Slider.

Another great feature is that it comes with Font Awesome Icon set. Font Awesome icons are vectors, and they’re gorgeous on high-resolution displays. Also Iconsmind Icon Set is included. Additionally, this theme has very powerful and yet very easy to use theme options panel. There you will be making all your styling decisions.

Carry Hill School WordPress Theme gives you an unlimited color palette through integrated color pickers and 9 color scheme presets. Also, on the subject of styling, it gives you an option of easily adding your own custom CSS rules. For text styling, this theme gives you access to more than 500 Google Web Fonts. Plus, Carry Hill School WordPress Theme is well documented and comes with free updates and support. This pack also includes Carry Hill Elementary School PSD files.

CBKit – Course & LMS WordPress Theme

 CBKit - Course & LMS WordPress Theme
CBKit – Course & LMS WordPress Theme

The WordPress LMS Course Builder theme is a multi-purpose, high quality eLearning WordPress LMS (Learning management system) for teachers, instructors, education center, schools, universities to create and manage your own online course website.

This theme’s flexibility and power can help you easily create beautiful online courses, share your knowledge the world and get some revenue by selling them. Course Builder is easy to use with no coding knowledge required while providing the best education website design and experience that helps to maximize conversion rates for you.

Primary – Kids & Kindergarten School HTML Template

Primary – Kids & Kindergarten School HTML Template
Primary – Kids & Kindergarten School HTML Template

Primary is a nice and creative Kids & Kindergarten School HTML template. The main goal is, it has an incredible design style that has made it totally different from other templates in ThemeForest.

Thank you to all of our valued customers because of your trust and love to us; We appreciate your great ratings.

Edubin – Education LMS WordPress Theme

Edubin - Education LMS WordPress Theme
Edubin – Education LMS WordPress Theme

Edubin is one of the best Education LMS WordPress Theme perfect for Sell Online Courses, University, College, School, Training Center, E-Learning, Courses Tutorials, Education Center & Other Institutes. Edubin is a complete education solution with all features and functionalities. It is built with drag and drop Elementor Page Builder. By using this theme possible to build the website for any type of the educational institute. This education theme supported LearnDash and LernPress two popular LMS plugins. Also, this theme has Event Calender, Event Registration, WooCommerce Shop and more features.

Edubin education WordPress theme is developed as a Learning Management System for Courses Listing Platform like Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Training Center, Courses Hub, language school, eLearning Business, learning courses, music education school, dance academy and driving school College, Academy, University or School.

Education WordPress Theme – Masterstudy

Education WordPress Theme - Masterstudy
Education WordPress Theme – Masterstudy

Masterstudy Education WordPress Theme for Learning Management System (LMS) is powered by MasterStudy Pro plugin. No extra fees! MasterStudy Pro plugin is already included with this theme.

Whether you specialize in local workshops or online courses – MasterStudy is the only theme you need to build a vibrant and compelling learning hub.

Based on extensive research into the education and learning industry, we have developed a range of first-class features that will make your life easier – saving you time and delivering excellent results. Download today The Best Education WordPress theme!

15 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Themes for WordPress Websites

15 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Themes for WordPress Websites

In this article, we will show you some of the best affiliate marketing themes for WordPress websites and content marketing website you can choose from. Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing? Most WordPress themes are designed for blogging or businesses which makes it difficult to choose the perfect theme for an affiliate marketing website.

The following affiliate marketing WordPress themes below are some great examples and ideas to use to get your business off the ground. Whether it’s about selling beauty products, or car repair parts, there is a specific solution for any of these needs. Just to be clear, we’ve gathered only the best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes worth exploring. While the variety of possible solutions abounds, it makes sense to start from these ones.

Before you jump straight to the list of the best WordPress themes below, learn some common reasons why people decide to start this business.

  • It’s easy to start;
  • Can make good money in the long-term;
  • Opens a wide array of opportunities if you choose the right product;
  • It’s easy to scale your website if you choose the right solution/niche;
  • Opportunity to get extra income besides the products you’re promoting.

Here are the best affiliate marketing themes for WordPress websites

REHub – Price Comparison, Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing Theme

REHub - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme
REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme

REHub is a modern multipurpose hybrid theme. Theme covers many modern Business models for profitable websites. Each part can be configured and used separately or you can combine them all in one site. We used most actual trends and best unique seo instruments to build advanced wordpress functions which you will not find in other themes. Models are:

  • Social Community with submit option
  • Business Directory with Locators, Custom Search filters and custom specifications
  • Price or product comparison theme with dynamic price updates (with help of Content Egg or bulk import tool)
  • Product comparisons (supported dynamic comparisons for multi category sites)
  • Reviews with extended user reviews and table constructors, top review constructors
  • Highest Conversion pages (versus pages, specification comparison, Offer hub, Top set pages, Price range pages)
  • Multi Vendor shops and simple shops, support for multi vendor per product
  • Deal sites and deal communities
  • Magazines and News sites

Food Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme – FoodPicky

Food Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme - FoodPicky
Food Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme – FoodPicky

FoodPicky is a Food Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme best suitable for food ordering & delivery system like FoodPanda, JustEat, Zomato, Grubhub, Eat24Hours,, DoorDash etc. This theme can be used for single restaurant – just call profile page as “Our menu” and remove unnecessary sections via our HTML customizer.


  • Fully configurable header, footer and sidebar
  • Configurable submission form (via CMB2 API)
  • Configurable search/filter form and sorting
  • Configurable item templates (on list and single pages)

KUPON – Coupons / Daily Deals / Group Buying – Marketplace WordPress Theme

KUPON - Coupons / Daily Deals / Group Buying - Marketplace WordPress Theme
KUPON – Coupons / Daily Deals / Group Buying – Marketplace WordPress Theme

KUPON is a WordPress Coupon Theme and it best suitable for daily deals marketplace or coupons website. Theme use highest quality and time proven industry solutions – so it is better to use it in professional projects where software price not on the first place – where main is quality, flexibility, stability, extensibility and long life.

This theme can be used to create a variety of sites:

  • Coupons site (no need any paid plugins)
  • Daily Deals marketplace (no need any paid plugins)
  • Group Buying shop with manual refunds for failed deals (no need any paid plugins)
  • Classic shop with physical products
  • Shop with affiliate/external products
  • Shop with downloadable products
  • Group Buying marketplace with paid WooCommerce Pre-Orders extension
  • Gift certificates shop with paid WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugin
  • Shop with booking feature with paid WooCommerce Bookings extension
  • Some applications can be combined

Doo – Affiliate Marketing Theme

 Doo - Affiliate Marketing Theme
Doo – Affiliate Marketing Theme

Doo is a WordPress Affiliate Marketing Theme but it contain all to be as Multi-Purpose WordPress Directory & Listing Template and it best suitable for Coupons & Discounts sites.

This theme can be used to create a variety of sites:

  • Daily Deals marketplace (no need any paid plugins)
  • Group Buying shop with manual refunds for failed deals (no need any paid plugins)
  • Classic shop with physical products
  • Shop with affiliate/external products
  • Shop with downloadable products
  • Group Buying marketplace with paid WooCommerce Pre-Orders extension
  • Gift certificates shop with paid WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugin
  • Shop with booking feature with paid WooCommerce Bookings extension
  • Some applications can be combined

Blurb – Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

Blurb - Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme
Blurb – Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

Now affiliate make easy with Blurb Theme, it’s include full of auto functional price comparison, review, coupon and market place categories based auto comparison option.

Blurb Price Comparison, Affiliate Website, Multivendor Store, Product Review and Social Business. Who can do business as affiliate Marketers and focus on affiliate based product? You can open a multi-vendor store and affiliate with Blurb WordPress theme. You can do Multi-vendor Store with awesome product review and comparison. The online marketer now hungry about good auto functional affiliate WordPress theme, We just make a simple automatic solution for the affiliate marketers.

Mercury – Gambling & Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme. News & Reviews

Mercury - Gambling & Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme. News & Reviews
Mercury – Gambling & Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme. News & Reviews

Mercury – Gambling & Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme, News & Reviews. The theme is excellent for building your profitable affiliate marketing website without any technical skills. Has a fully responsive and retina-ready design. Four post templates, nine custom widgets, and three particular pre-built custom post types will make your affiliate website convenient and attractive. You will be able to write articles and blog posts with ease.

Earn money by promoting affiliate casinos and gambling products, creating your affiliate website with a Mercury WordPress theme.

Great for gambling, casinos, poker, sports betting, and lottery. Build own a profitable, high-quality website using a gambling affiliate WordPress theme.

We hope this article helped you find the best affiliate marketing WordPress theme for your website. You may also want to see our list of the best affiliate marketing tools and plugins for WordPress.

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15 Recommended Magazine Themes & Lifestyle Blog for WordPress Websites

15 Recommended Magazine Themes & Lifestyle Blog for WordPress Websites

People mostly search Google for ‘Magazine WordPress themes‘, so we prepared this collection of Best Magazine Themes in 2020. Enjoy!

Sahifa – Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme

Sahifa News Theme is a clean, modern, user friendly, fast-loading, customizable, flexible, functional and fully responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Newspaper, and blog Theme.

Sahifa is one of the most versatile website themes in the world. This amazing product offers many incredible features, each added in order to enhance your web page. It manages to balance power and beauty, resulting in a high-quality browsing experience for all users. Many sites have to choose between complexity and accessibility, given that their layout cannot adapt to the diminutive screens of hand-held devices. Thankfully, this theme has solved all compatibility and resizing issues. Customers who prefer smart phones or tablets can now access your posts with ease. Also, Sahifa can work with any operating system or browser. Clients are given complete freedom, and they can even turn off the responsive elements of their page.

SmartMag – Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine

SmartMag - Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine
SmartMag – Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine

SmartMag is a moderncleanresponsive and retina-ready (HD) WordPress theme suitable for magazines, newspapers, review sites, or blogs.

SmartMag not only excels at front-end usability, the admin back-end is very easy to use. The drag & drop page builder makes it easy to create unique and creative homepages. Having built-in support for SEO using rich snippets and HTML5, your site will rank better in search engines. Make your content more appealingengaging and usable. Get SmartMag today and be setup in minutes!

Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Bimber is a viral magazine theme, that lets you launch a fully functional viral site in no more than 24 hours. It comes with powerful sharing buttons; popular, hot, trending listings and multiple ad locations. Everything in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Just start today and go viral today!

Jannah – Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP

Jannah - Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP
Jannah – Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP

Jannah has Content Marketing covered with fresh responsive designs, amazing new features, complete 1-click website demos & lifetime free updates.

The Voux – A Comprehensive Magazine WordPress Theme

The Voux - A Comprehensive Magazine WordPress Theme
The Voux – A Comprehensive Magazine WordPress Theme

The Voux has been designed with absolute attention to detail. Within you will find five beautifully crafted homepage styles to get you up and running quickly, with no coding to do. Of course you can simply create your own with the industry standard best Page Builder, Visual Composer included in your purchase. Coded to the highest quality standards The Voux, naturally, is fully Responsive for today ’s devices and will scale with pixel perfection even on Retina Ready Screens.

Voice – Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Voice - Clean News/Magazine
Voice – Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Voice is a responsive WordPress magazine/blog theme created with news/magazine/editorial websites in mind. It comes packed with features including WooCommerce integration for your eCommerce requirements, and bbPress to build a powerful community or social network website.

Voice for WordPress is highly customizable with an advanced Theme Options Panel that allows you to quickly and easily create a style to suit your needs.

It is also flexible enough to meet a variety of needs with unlimited fonts & colors available at a click of a button. Voice was been created and developed with a modern responsive design, awesome typography and a focus on readability to provide your visitors with a quality user experience.

15Zine – HD Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme

15Zine - HD Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme
15Zine – HD Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme

15Zine is a cutting edge WordPress magazine theme created for 2017 and beyond. 15Zine is a ridiculously versatile WordPress Newspaper theme out of the box with an integrated review system with unlimited criterias/pros/cons making it a powerful review theme – For the homepage, you can use 15zine’s exclusive and powerful homepage drag and drop builder to create modern and layouts.

Posts can become beautiful stories, by using 15Zine’s powerful and featured image style system with multiple feature image styles, including a smooth parallax one. You can also use 15Zine as a powerful review theme for your site. 15Zine also comes with deep compatibility and styling for WooCommerce and bbPress. You can also turn your regular image embeds into full-screen image embeds, all done with no shortcodes or code required!

Redwood – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Redwood - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
Redwood – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Redwood is Crafted with bloggers in mind, impress your audience with Redwood’s classic, clean, and stately aesthetic. From its stunning slider and promo boxes to the plethora of color options, Redwood delights visually and functionally, giving you the power to customize your blog with just a click of the mouse. And if Redwood’s numerous features, robust options, and arresting design weren’t enough, rest assured knowing that your theme is backed by Solo Pine’s acclaimed customer service.

Buzz – Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Buzz - Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
Buzz – Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Buzz – Magazine & Viral Blog WordPress Theme is a professional WordPress blog theme that is colorful, sophisticated, attractive and trendy. It’s perfect for mock crash tests, guest posts, rouge forums, niche blogs, giver, gifts, guides, articles, homer.

It also suits the tell-all, company, cryptocurrency, specialist, reverses, writer, world news, stories of inspiration, affiliate. It is also ideal for minimal, internet, freelance, newsjacking, instructional, cheat sheet, entertainment, sports, tutorial, business, current events, checklists, lists, infographics, case studies, profiles, interviews, opinions of experts, reviews, comparisons. The theme features 10 different homepages, some interesting templates for blog posts.

True Mag – WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine

True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine
True Mag – WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine

True Mag is a modern and clean WordPress theme for video blog, video portfolio and magazine. We build this responsive video theme with the best practices of UI and UX as well as SEO.

True Mag is an amazing WordPress theme for videos which comes with great video features. Some of those features include: Built-in Video Ads plugin, Short-codes for Video, Video Auto Play, Self-hosted Video Support, Front-end Video Submission and many Built-in Video Widgets. Moreover, our responsive video portfolio theme offers a Smart Content Box and Powerful Theme Options, which allow you to add content and customize the theme as you want.

Not only one of the excellent WordPress themes for video sites, True Mag is also a great choice for online magazines or sophisticated blogs. True Mag now is trusted by more than 5000 site owners to host hundred thousands of videos. We believe this premium WordPress video blog theme is the perfect choice to deliver your amazing content to viewers.

Authentic – Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Authentic - Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
Authentic – Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Authentic is a light & minimal WordPress theme that will perfectly suit lifestyle bloggers & magazines. It has so many amazing features that will make your blog or magazine stand out among others. Let your visitors enjoy the clean contemporary design of your new website powered by Authentic.

Unite – WordPress Business, Magazine Theme

Unite - WordPress Business, Magazine Theme
Unite – WordPress Business, Magazine Theme

Unite is a merger of crisp design and powerful communication. It takes a clean, organized approach to presenting content so it’s easier to find what you want.

This is a premium WordPress theme with 5 pre-made skins including a dark theme and textured background theme. The theme is easy to modify and ready to be up and running out of the box. The PSD files included have been customized to allow fast skinning.

  • Valid XHTML Strict and CSS
  • 2 slide show options: jQuery cycle and Gallery View
  • Superfish Dropdown Menu
  • PSD files included
  • 5 pre-made skins
  • QuickSkin™ file for fast and easy design customization.
  • Contact form with dynamic javascript validation
  • Portfolio with themed preview windows
  • 2 different themed administrative login options

JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme

JNews - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme
JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme

JNews is a theme designed to provide an “all-in-one” solution for every publishing need. With JNews, you can explore endless possibilities in crafting the best fully-functional website. We provide 120+ homepage that perfect for your News site, Magazine site, Blog site, Editorial site and for all kind of publishing website. Also provided automatic import feature to replicate one of the demos you like just by one click.

SEO performance becomes one of our main concern. We show that commitment by utilizing JSON LD which is recommended by Google for the best SEO result. Not only that, we also provide compatibility with many SEO Signal. The deal is to create a platform for your SEO contentís performance fly.

BoomBox — Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

BoomBox — Viral Magazine WordPress Theme
BoomBox — Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Boombox is all-purpose viral magazine theme with a top-notch design and extremely customisable layout, full of viral snacks and exclusive features, powered by the most powerful viral content builder. Populate news, listicles, polls or quizzes, spread them via social sharing, trending, reactions and up/down voting systems, drive bloggers community and monetise with any type of ads. Go viral right now!

Braxton – Premium WordPress Magazine Theme

Braxton - Premium WordPress Magazine Theme
Braxton – Premium WordPress Magazine Theme

Braxton is the premier magazine theme that combines both form and function into one comprehensive WordPress theme. This sleek, modern theme is retina-ready, fully-responsive and comes with four different ad units, including a custom wallpaper ad.

Braxton is also compatible with WooCommerce and BBPress, is translation-ready, fully-responsive, comes with over 600 Google Fonts, a Featured Slider on each category page, Infinite Scrolling, Lazy Load, a “sticky” menu bar and sidebar, post/page slideshows, super quick demo install and so much more!

Pluto Clean Personal WordPress Masonry Blog Theme

Pluto Clean Personal WordPress Masonry Blog Theme
Pluto Clean Personal WordPress Masonry Blog Theme

Theme Pluto is a perfect theme for casual bloggers. It can be used for a cooking website, family blog, technology blog, personal blog or any other kind of blog which is simple to setup and use.

Unique features like QR code scanner and reading mode will make your site to stand out. It also has multiple pagination options including popular infinite scroll. Embedding YouTube or Vimeo videos is super easy, image gallery, quotes, self hosted audio files or soundCloud links are supported by this gorgeous theme. You can even write reviews and post ratings to your posts!

Zox News – Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Zox News - Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme
Zox News – Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Zox News helps you go from blogger to boss by giving you a wide range of tools and options to give you the most professional-looking and functioning news site on the net. Zox News comes with a mobile-first-design, 8 article layouts, 4 Featured Posts layouts, parallax leaderboard ad, Theia Post Slider, Theia Sticky Sidebar, Reviewer Plugin, Woocommerce-ready, and so much more!

Hotmagazine – News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme
Hotmagazine – News & Magazine WordPress Theme

HOTMAGAZINE is a comprehensive WordPress theme for widespread use. It will works good as a News Website, News Portal, or in categories like: Fashion, Sport, Design, Games Themes, Games, Tech, Technology, Travel, Dark, Politics Magazine or Blog. Contains everything you should include in magazine theme. We have designed and developed very elegant and modern theme which is very easy to customize. We believe that our theme will appreciate and become very functional site.

Melina – Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Melina - Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
Melina – Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Melina is a clean and modern WordPress theme with an elegant, carefully crafted design. This powerful, responsive blog theme is ideal for your personal or magazine-style blog, whether your passion is travel, beauty, nature, photography, architecture, DIY… the list goes on! Melina will make your WordPress look beautiful everywhere.

The theme was designed with the “mobile first” design, meaning it was designed for mobile from the beginning and was adapted for bigger screen afterward. This result in a beautiful experience for the users, on all devices.

Wide or boxed site layout, unlimited colors, magazine homepage, 5 featured area layouts, 19 different blog listing layouts, different sidebar positions, 2 custom posts layouts, 2 custom page layouts, 2 custom widgets, dozens of configurable options – and all of this you can manage with one click of your mouse in user friendly WordPress Customizer or when adding new post or page.

Solstice – Personal & Magazine WordPress Blog Theme

Solstice - Personal & Magazine WordPress Blog Theme
Solstice – Personal & Magazine WordPress Blog Theme

Solstice is a versatile and powerful multipurpose personal WordPress blog theme perfect for any blog or magazine. With over 140 styling options at your fingertips, Solstice makes customizing your blog and changing colors, fonts, and most elements a breeze. Solstice’s clean, clutter free design is the perfect choice for the minimal loving creative blogger. Solstice offers a stunning visual experience to showcase your content with responsive grid system layout optimized for mobile touch and swipe.

Perfect for personal blog , fashion blog , lifestyle blog , travel blog , food blog , craft blog , mommy blog , tech blog , creative blog , photography ..etc.

Trendion | A Personal Lifestyle Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Trendion | A Personal Lifestyle Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme
Trendion | A Personal Lifestyle Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Thank you for visiting Colorlib and reading this article! We highly appreciate it! Now you might want to learn how to make a website using our free WordPress themes.

15 Recommended Magento Themes for eCommerce Websites

15 Recommended Magento Themes for eCommerce Websites

Magento is one of the most powerful ecommerce platform made with simple ecommerce store development and management in mind. The ecommerce platform has shown great success by fulfilling the needs of the ecommerce industry because of its exciting features and advanced functionalities that no other platform is providing.

For Magento stores, simple features and functionalities are not enough. The stores must have Magento ecommerce themes that must fit your business needs as it would play vital role in your business growth. So, when it comes to choosing the right Magento themes, you need to keep these things in mind. Let’s check out what are the points you need to consider for selecting the right theme for your Magento store.

Ultimo – Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

Ultimo - Fluid Responsive Magento Theme
Ultimo – Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

Ultimo is a premium Magento theme with advanced admin module. It’s extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. Suitable for every type of store, optimized for SEO. Great as a starting point for your custom projects.

Ultimo is optimized for all screen resolutions. If you resize web browser window, theme elements will be transformed smoothly on each breakpoint (from 240 to 1680 pixels) in order to adapt to the current screen size. Width of the page is fluid – theme uses 100% of available space (below specified maximum width) to display content [demo3]. But you can also disable fluid width – in that case page width will change on breakpoints and will not take entire available space.

Porto | Ultimate Responsive Magento Theme

Porto | Ultimate Responsive Magento Theme
Porto | Ultimate Responsive Magento Theme

Porto Magento is an ultimate business theme that is suitable for any business and eCommerce sites. Porto provides plenty elements and powerful features that can configure all you want. Compared to other multi-purpose themes’ general ecommerce features, Porto provides ultimate Magento features with exclusive skins & layouts and features. Porto guarantees super fast performance which is essential for your business & Magento shops.

Kola – MultiStore Magento 2 Theme

Kola - MultiStore Responsive Magento 2 Theme
Kola – MultiStore Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Main Features

  • Full Responsive Design
  • Easy install template
  • Support cpanel, Admin config
  • Amazing Megamenu, Easy customize with staticblock
  • Imageslider, Banner animation
  • Ajax cart: Ajax add to cart
  • Quick View product
  • Products width slider (Featured, Sale, New, Bestseller, Upsell, Related..)
  • Coud Zoom, Thumbnail slider, Pretty photo
  • Our Blog Manage
  • Multistore ready
  • Themeoption New & Sale label
  • Support Magento Community Edition 2.x
  • Bootstraps, Html5, Css3
  • Integrated Google Fonts, Integrated font FontAwesome
  • Documentation file

Venuse – Responsive Hitech/Digital Magento 2 Store Theme

Venuse - Responsive Hitech/Digital Magento 2 Store Theme
Venuse – Responsive Hitech/Digital Magento 2 Store Theme

Venuse is a modern and massive Magento 2 theme Magento 2 theme that comes with a bunch of cool features like a powerful mega menu, unlimited Google fonts with the option to add personalized fonts through the admin panel, font colors, ajax attribute search, quick cart pro, unlimited color options, one-click import sample data and much more.

It built with completely new feature-rich Framework that lets users and any developers to update and customize quickly and easily. Venuse helps you to build any beautiful website for almost store types without cost and time for coding..

Now is time for you to discover live demo and feel the difference of having a truly comprehensive theme!!


✔️ Modern Design with Highly Customizable Features: Unique homepage, highly responsive, unlimited colors, Megamenu built-in, beautiful slider, countdown slider, featured product blocks, product listing tab, popup and more… etc.

✔️ One Click Installation: Import the demo of design you want to have your site just like demo with few steps.

✔️ Hot Extensions Compatibility: Now it is easier for any merchants to improve website by equipping with some hot extensions. Do not hesitate to take it now!

Topico – Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Topico - Responsive Magento 2 Theme
Topico – Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Topico is a Magento 2 Responsive Digital Theme with extremely customizable admin settings. Suitable for every type of store. Topico is a Magento Theme which is supported by SEO standard of electronics major. Moreover, Fully Responsive design makes Topico to be compatible with all of mobile devices.

Topico – Multi-Purpose Premium Responsive Magento Theme is flexible and smart design. All of controllings is adopted. You won?t have to spend a lot of time or need to many techniques to adjust it. Everything is customized easily. 10+ main designs will give you more choice for your store
Untimated Colors Power Admin. This theme includes 20+ extensions . You can quickly show Lazy Loading, Layered ajax, One step checkout, Product Video, New, Featured, Random, Latest and Special products, Price countdown customizable multi tabs, multi rows, grid, slider easy config in Admin Panel 

eDigit – Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme

eDigit - Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme
eDigit – Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme

eDigit Magento Theme is specially designed for electronics, computer, digital, accessories, mega store, camera, phone, furniture and match any kind of store. eDigit Magento Theme is looking good with it’s colors combination. All sub pages are customized. It is very nice with its clean and professional look.

Electro – Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme

Electro - Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme ( RTL M2 supported )
Electro – Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme ( RTL M2 supported )

Electro is a Premium Responsive Magento theme with extremely customizable admin settings. Suitable for every type of store. Great as a starting point for your custom projects.
Perfect responsive multistore magento theme. Unlimated Colors Power Admin. This theme includes 10+ extensions.

On Home page you can quickly show Bestsellers, New, Featured, Random, Latest and Special products, customizable multi tabs, multi rows, grid, slider easy config in Admin Panel .

Bottom Line

When talking about premium Magento 2 themes selection, focus on above mentioned points for selecting a theme and all Magento templates. Make sure that your theme looks great by every aspect and doesn’t compromise the criteria of usability and search optimization.

The few things one has to be sure of is the webpage performance in terms of webpage load time, search result rankings and the bounce rate. Apart from these, keeping an eye on the reviews, suggestions and comments section help in understanding what the designated audience requires and whether the webpage needs an overall cosmetic surgery or an infrastructural change.