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Buy Cubot X16s (2GB/16GB) Price in Nigeria, Kenya & Ghana

The Cubot X16s come 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM,can extend to 128GB and has 2500mAh Battery. Is new iteration of low priced X-series smartphone better than its predecessor? How it fares by today’s standards? Be sure to check out our review of Cubot X16 where we will try to answer all of the questions regarding this device. When we’ve reviewed the Cubot X15, we have concluded that it is a good phone with moderate price and decent specs.

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Here are official specs for Cubot X16s:

Key Features
  • 5.0 inch capacitive screen,HD 1280×720 pixels
  • CPU:MTK6735A Quad-Core 1.3GHz, GPU: ARM Mali T720
  • Android 6.0 OS , 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM,can extend to 128GB
  • Dual SIM dual standby
  • Dual cameras, 5.0MP(SW 8.0MP) front camera with flash, 8.0MP(SW13.0MP) back camera
  • Support 4G/3G/GPS/Wifi/Bluetooth/OTG
  • Battery: 2500mAh Packaging

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The package of this phone is pretty standard, and it comes in an attractive black box. In it, you will find a phone itself, USB cable, charger, screen protector, microfiber cloth for wiping the display, multi-lingual user manual and translucent protective case surrounding the phone. It is all neatly packed and distributed in separate sectors of the box. There are no earphones in the box, and you will have to buy one separately.

Cubot X16 Unboxed, all the parts spreaded across the table.

Cubot X16 Design

This device is crafted with precision and graced by great industrial design. Its frame is made out of zinc alloy and back is made out of solid glass panel (a bit prone to smudges), making the Cubot X16 one tough nut to crack. There are no extreme visual differences between the X15 and X16 although the later is a bit thinner and shorter. With its mass of only 150 grams, it is very light as well. It comes in both black and white color.
On the front side, there is 5.5-inch display with capacitive buttons. Above the screen, there are earpiece, front facing camera, different kind of sensors and LED notification light. The back side houses the main camera with dual LED flash on the top and speaker on the bottom. The material used to make the back of the phone is glass. Although very visually appealing, the device is quite slippery because of this.

Cubot X16 Held in hands, back side, white phone, black table.

On the lower end of the X16, there is a micro USB port with the microphone beside it.
Top of the phone is the place where the 3.5mm headphone jack resides.

Cubot X16 Right and top side of the white phone held in hand against the black background.
On the right side, there is power/lock button with volume buttons above and on the left, there is SIM cards tray.
Overall, the device looks charming and well above its price range.


Because there are capacitive buttons on Cubot X16, they had to reduce the screen size a bit from a previous X-series device. Screen size is now 5-inch, and the good thing is that the resolution stayed the same, and that’s 1080×1920 pixels. The panel is made in JDI AH-IPS technology and boasts an impressive 441PPI.
The screen has excellent viewing angles and equally impressive contrast. Its colors are very saturated which we don’t prefer, but users can tweak color profile the way they see fit with the help of additional software.

Cubot X16 Display, white phone held in hands, Android menu, black background.

The display is protected by some tempered glass made by the manufacturer. It is a good quality one which protects against scratches and blows. There is a screen protector in the box, and you can apply it as well for extra protection.

Processor and RAM

One of the most important parts of every modern smartphone is the processing unit. Cubot X16 ticks on MediaTek’s MTK6735A 64-bit Quad-core 1.3GHz CPU coupled with Mali-T720 GPU and supported with 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM. There are no changes in this department regarding the previous model, and that is a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, the device performs admirably in everyday usage. Everything feels smooth and responsive – from the regular telephony usage to the multitasking with demanding apps.

Cubot X16 does heat up when used for a longer period, and that can be a problem because the device is made of metal and glass and it is tougher to distribute excess heat. This smartphone is ideal for surfing and multimedia, but some graphically intensive games bogged it quite a bit, and we were forced to restart it. Cubot X16 is not every gamers’ dream but, for the majority of users, it will offer satisfactory experience.

Cubot X16 Gaming performance, white phone held in hands, playing Asphalt 8.

Cubot X16 Camera

The main camera of the device is located on the back of the device, and its resolution is 16-Megapixel. It is coupled with dual LED flash for enhanced results in low light scenarios. The front camera has the resolution of 8-Megapixel and very wide angle of shooting. The main camera uses five elements Cubot-made lens and has a 1/2.7-inch sensor with wide f/2.2 aperture, which is a downgrade from X15’s f/2.0 aperture.

The camera offers many shooting modes – HDR, smile shot, gesture capture, panorama and ‘picture in picture’ among the standard ones. In standards modes are quite useful and entertaining. They include Multi-angle view mode, Motion track mode and lastly, Live photo mode. Live photos are first introduced by Microsoft in its Lumia line of devices and later hugely popularized by Apple on its iPhone 6S model. They make a great addition to Cubot’s camera software.

Cubot X16 Camera. closeup of the camera and LED flash, white phone.
The front camera is good for taking selfies because of its 88-degrees super wide angle.
Camera quality didn’t suffer a bit over the previous model. It offers plenty of detail and good rendered colors in daylight. In the low light, the situation is aided by additional LED flash, but that didn’t improve the results.

Because the lack of OIS, photos are out of focus more than often, and noise levels are not on par with industry leads.
Videos are captured in 1080p@30FPS and are of good quality overall. The camera quality is decent, and you can capture some great moments with it.

Here are some camera samples:

click for a full-sized image:

Storage Capacity

Cubot X16 offers 16GB of onboard storage out of the box. After the initial setup around 11GB is left for users preference. Considering X16’s price range 16GB is seen as good. You can install plenty of apps, games and still have some storage left for your multimedia. If you are an avid gamer or enjoy a large collection of songs, you can always expand the device memory by putting additional micro sd card of up to 32GB.
Keep in mind that if you use nano SIM card with micro sd, you can’t use the device as a dual-SIM phone.

Operating System

Cubot X16 runs on Google’s Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. Cubot made its custom skin over OS but usage experience is nearly identical to vanilla Android. We haven’t encountered any lag in the day to day usage. The device was snappy and buttery smooth most of the time.
Since this is an Android phone, you can install all the latest apps and games from the Google play store. The majority of them will run with no problem at all.


The device supports dual SIM cards. One has to be nano and the other micro SIM. It has an extensive network support and can be used worldwide. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan and want to conserve battery a little bit you can always connect on the Wi-Fi. There are plenty of Wi-Fi networks supported like 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz.

Unfortunately, the device doesn’t offer good Wi-Fi chip and has poor signal where other devices had full signal.
Cubot X16 offers Bluetooth 4.0 for faster transfer speed and better connectivity options while maintaining smaller battery drainage. There are GPS and A-GPS on this device, and they work well.

Cubot X16 Battery Capacity

The smartphone uses a non-removable 2500mAh lithium-ion battery. It is considerably smaller than the battery on the Cubot X15 model. We must say that we are not impressed with the battery life on this device. With regular usage (two emails on sync, couple of calls, dozen SMS, surfing, and multimedia) our unit lasted from 7 AM to 11 PM before we had to put it on a charger. With lighter usage you could probably get through a whole day with ease.

Additional Features

Some of the other characteristics of this phone are a variety of sensors, USB OTG support (ability to connect this device to many external components), Smart Home key and Gesture sensing. Also, great codec support out of the box is one of the good things of this smartphone.

Pros and Cons

In this part of our review, we will try to summarize all the advantages and disadvantages of this device in a few sentences.


  • Great FULL HD display
  • Solid camera performance
  • 4G LTE connectivity


  • Battery life not on par with some other phones of the same price range
  • CPU and RAM stayed the same as on X15

Our opinion

Considering all the pros, cons and adding our user experience over the past week we can say that this phone is not marginally better than its predecessor, but it is quite a good offering for this amount of money.
We have found best offers of this product for you. If you wish to purchase it, you can do it on one of the links bellows.

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