Relocate To Canada From Nigeria

Relocate to Canada From Nigeria As A Permanent Resident Without An Agent

A lot of Nigerians are considering jumping ship and relocate to Canada from Nigeria for a number of reasons. In case you are part of this lot, here are the things you need to do.

Canada is well known for a high standard of living, a clean environment, a low crime rate and excellent infrastructure, and scores very highly in reputation and quality of life on the GRPI.

If you are thinking of relocating to Canada from Nigeria, you need to have a plan and a Permanent Residence Visa via the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot Program.

Every year Canada accepts about 300 thousand immigrants. Just like any other first world country, the process for applying and getting a Permanent resident Visa is rigorous and can be confusing; which forces many people to choose the option of hiring agents to help them with the application process. Thinking of writing IELTS Exam click here

If you are really serious about GETTING IT RIGHT with relocating to Canada from Nigeria, you have only two options to relocate to Canada from Nigeria by applying for your permanent resident visa which is hiring an agent or do the application yourself.

Now you don’t know which option to go with, so I would compare them in a minute.

1. Agents: You would be required to pay about 1 million or 2 million upfront just to relocate to Canada from Nigeria. This is a great risk if the application fails, you may get no refund! But that’s not really the only disadvantage of choosing to use an agent; the other one is that you still do the process yourself, they only guide you step by step, assist when you are filling forms, etc.

So in the right sense, when you hire an agent, you are about to complete an application with a professional coach by your side. We all know that coaches don’t play the game for the player!

2. Do it yourself: If you don’t want to spend about 2 million naira paying any agent, then you have to do it yourself. To be honest, it can be very difficult and confusing – even for newbie agents. A lot of paperwork, documents to be prepared, etc. So this is not an option for a lazy person. All the resources you need can be found online, you need to put in a lot of hours reading and pouring through different websites.

You may mess up your first application!

Except of course you buy a professional guide, but this time not an agent. A complete ebook guide that would hold your hands from the moment of decision, through every step of the application process until you leave your house and arrive in Canada.

Lucky you! I know of one.

If you are considering immigrating to Canada, get an eBook like this one

The author explains in a very simple manner as though he was writing for a high school child with accurate step by step information on the whole process. The book is the most complete guide I have seen on the subject of immigrating to Canada.It contains secret information only very few so-called Agents would know about!

Parts of what is explained in the Guide are:

1. How to apply for yourself or family (step by step)

2. The requirements to be eligible & how to meet them

3. How to increase your CRS score to get accepted

4. How to secure jobs before leaving Nigeria

5. How to get the cheapest flights to Canada

BONUS: How to get US Visa 1st attempt

I advise you to watch the Presentation here now. If you like the content, you can buy the full eBook here


Relocate To Canada From Nigeria: Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should

  • Practical step by step instructions on how to start the processing from start to you landing in Canada
  • How to get a job offer from one of the participating Canadian communities while in Nigeria
  • How to get a Canadian phone number while in Nigeria
  • The most important thing you need to know about sending your transcript for verification so it doesn’t get delayed or lost in transit
  • How to get a community recommendation
  • How to pass the IELTS exam up to qualify for this
  • How to get your medical and police report
  • How to prepare for life in Canada
  • And much more…

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